I have to start off by saying I love my new laptop.  Just bought an HP netbook.  It may not be the best out there, but it’s small.  Yep, that’s why I love it so much.  We have a laptop already, but it’s not as easy to use in bed as this one is.  It will also be easy to carry on the plane when I visit Alabama next month.  I’ll be able to use it outside, in April, when it finally gets warm enough to want to hang outside again.  Take it all over the house to be with the kids.  But I mostly love it because I can use it in bed.  Now, I can blog in bed instead of downstairs sitting at the desk.  When my husband deploys I can be comfortable while writing long e-mails.  I love it.  My husband spoils me, this and an I-Phone in the last couple months.  But these things will help me get though the upcoming deployment.

With that said, on to more important stuff.  So we’ve been going to marriage classes put on by our church.  We’ve brought in an amazing couple, Bobbie and Larry, from OCF (officer Christian fellowship).  They have said something that I think all married couples need to do.  Always believe that your spouse has your best interest at heart.  At first, I didn’t get it.  But at the second weekend I got it.  I started thinking about all the fights I’ve started because I have made assumptions about what Chase is thinking and why he’s doing what he does.  If I had assumed he was coming from a good place, I could have avoided a lot of pain.  I’ll admit I forgot the advice tonight.  I wanted to use the hot tub tonight.  We don’t use it often enough and we would have time tonight.  And I think we both needed some time to just relax.  I told my husband I would have the kids ready by 9 and then we would use the hot tub.  Around 9, I went downstairs and he was doing the budget.  No problem there.  I’m quite glad he is willing to do that.  I dread doing it.  It’s really not all that bad, but it’s just one of those things that in my head is a lot worse than it actually is.  So I don’t want to touch it.  I’m happy to look at it once he’s done and see where we are.  So I went upstairs to fold some of the never ending laundry.  By 9:30, I was wondering what he was up to.  At 10 I decided I was going to go ahead and get in the hot tub.  So I put on my suit and let Chase know I was headed in.  Turns out, I didn’t make myself clear at 9.  Chase thought I was going up to read to the kids and he was waiting on me.  Either one of us could have before this point made assumptions that would have lead to a fight.  But we listened to each other and had a great evening instead of a nasty fight.

So I went out to use the hot tub and it was snowing.  At first I was bummed, but as I got into the hot tub I realized it was so beautiful.  The world was quiet around us and the cold of the snow landing on our faces nicely blananced the heat from the hot tub.  It was so relaxing.  I could have stayed in for a long time, but it relaxed me so much that I was starting to fall asleep.  Maybe I have found my new cure for Chase is out of town insomnia.