Chase and I always dreamed of having boys then a girl.  We foresaw boys being ready to defend their little sister.  We could picture them standing in line with their dad to intimidate future suitors.  And yeah, they’d probably beat her up a little, but that would just make her tough.  When our children lined up just as we had dreamed we were enthralled.  I never thought of the possible scenarios that could happen with a little girl who takes after me, until today.

People love to tell me that my daughter takes after me.  I love hearing it.  She is everything I could ask for in a little woman.  She loves pretties and sparklies.  Nail polish and make-up excite her, as do shoes and clothes.  She is all girl.  But she isn’t afraid to get dirty.  She competes alongside the boys.  And she does it all in a dress.  Yep, my daughter.  She is also as stubborn as anything.  Again totally me.  She has picked up a few things from her dad, such as her love of airplanes.  But she is my little lady.  There is one aspect of being like me I hadn’t considered.  She’s three, so, it makes sense that this would not have crossed my mind until tonight.  I was boy-crazy.  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a crush on some boy.  From Joshua in Illinois to Chase, there has always been some male I have flirted with.  And until Chase, I wasn’t picky, I’d flirt with anyone. (Now, I only flirt with him.)  I remember, with great embarrassment, flirting with every guy my sister brought home.  I like to think I was a good sister and didn’t flirt with her boyfriends.  Not that I was any competition, being on average 7 years younger than any of them.

I know my daughter likes one of my boys’ friends.  She likes saying his name and she gets excited when he comes over.  But he’s also the kid that’s always over here.  So, I figured she just looked at him as her friend too.  Until today.  After he came over my daughter insisted on changing her outfit.  Off came the Tinkerbell shirt.  Mind you, that’s her favorite shirt ever.  She wears it everyday.  I have a hard time getting it away from her to wash it.  Tonight she’s even wearing it to bed.  But while a little boy was in the house, Tinkerbell had to go.  Tink was replaced with her prettiest dress.  A summer dress, with no sleeves.  Again seeing myself here, not caring about the low temperatures and snow on the ground. When there is a boy involved, weather is not a factor.  That tipped me off.  Then I heard the giggling.  I can’t believe my daughter, at age three, knows that giggle.  I remember it well.  I remember that giggle annoying my sister as I giggled at everything one of her male friends said.  And that’s when I knew we were in trouble.  The kind that comes with little sisters.  I now foresee my daughter flirting with every guy that comes into this house.  I’m sure she will annoy her brothers just as I annoyed my sister.  The fear is that with one older brother only two years older than her, some of his friends may flirt back. I will start praying now that those older brothers will be as protective as I’ve always hoped and keep their friends in check.