Tonight, I am wondering what I should write.  There are many small things that might be interesting, but no great story, no amazing revelations.  Today was a Monday.

I could mention how much my daughter and her daddy love each other.  She has that man wrapped around her little finger.  And he in return is worshipped and adored.

I could write how time is flying.  It’s November already.  I feel like we just moved here.  When we moved here, I knew Chase would deploy, but the end of the year seemed so far away.  Now it is November, there are less than two months until the end of the year.  Plus, Xavier’s birthday is tomorrow.  His birthday tends to sneak up on me.  It has a tendency to hide behind Halloween.  And this year Grandma and Grandpa spent the last week with us. I was so busy having fun with them, the birthday party just didn’t get planned.  Fortunately, he’s growing up, so a few friends over for pizza, birthday cake and a movie are all he wants.  Tomorrow I’ll be inviting those friends. I’m great at putting things together at the last minute, so I’m not worried.  Mostly, I’m astonished at just how little time I have left with Chase by my side.  With any luck next year will fly just as quickly and he’ll be home before I know it.

I could write about how I don’t like grocery shopping.  I don’t know why.  I love food and I love to shop. Grocery shopping should be a breeze.  Shopping went fine, today, but it still left me grouchy.  I’m gladI know myself week enough that I plan for this.  Monday dinners are easy because I know after shopping I don’t want to slave in the kitchen.  My wonderful husband offered to take me out for dinner, but I had to decline.  For some reason, the responsible monster reared her head and not only did I turn down dinner, I turned down Starbucks.  I know this week will be expensive with dinner out a birthday present I will be buying tomorrow. So I turned down pleasure today, for less guilt splurging on my son later in the week.

I could write about how my husband is so wonderful.  Offering Starbucks and taking me out to dinner.  Putting up Christmas lights.  I nearly cried when I looked out at our outdoor Christmas trees.  For a couple reasons:  1) I was in a crappy mood and my husband was out doing something nice for me.  How cool is he?  2) Christmas is fast approaching.  We normally don’t decorate this early in the year, but we know Chase will be gone by then.  So we are doing Christmas early.  While I’m excited about decorating and celebrating with Chase, it’s bittersweet.  He’s also an awesome dad.  The kids adore him, and I can see why.  He’s such a great guy.  I’m so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.