I love Wednesdays.  I decided early in the fall that I needed one week day a week to just do stuff around the house.  Amazingly with this plan, stuff actually gets done.  Not everything on my list, but more than on most days.

Today, my goal was to decorate for Christmas.  But before decorating I must clean my house.  I have to be impressed with myself today.  It wasn’t long ago when cleaning for decorating was just picking up.  And that would take about a half hour per room.  I may have spent longer cleaning today, but I actually cleaned.  Windexed windows, cleaned the computer desk and keyboard, dusted everything.  My living room sparkles.  No, the whole house isn’t clean, I cleaned a room, did a box of decorations, and only got to two rooms and two boxes.  But those two rooms look amazing.  And the rest of the house doesn’t look too bad.  I’m still not a great housekeeper, but I am getting better.  Another way I can tell I’m getting better, there is no Mt. Laundry in my house.  The laundry baskets are not overflowing, in fact only one has anything in it.  And most of the laundry is folded.  I’ll admit, the last load is still in the dryer, but if I can keep on top of it, I’ll have that folded in 15 minutes either later tonight or tomorrow.  I remember when Chase and I first got married and I despaired of ever being able to be a decent housekeeper.  But I’ve kept trying and every year I get a little better.  Maybe someday I will be able to keep a house as clean as my parents.

I know it’s early for Christmas.  Normally, no matter how ready for Christmas I am, I make myself wait until after Thanksgiving.  However, when Christmas finally rolls around this year, the love of my life will be celebrating in the sandbox.  So we are rescheduling Christmas this year.  Don’t have an exact date yet, but sometime between Thanksgiving and when he leaves.  Santa is making sure he’s ready to hit our house early this year.  Alaska is helping us get into the early Christmas mood with regular snow fall.  It’s so beautiful here, even if we weren’t doing Christmas early I might be playing Christmas carols.