Today was another great day in a string of amazing days.  I do not look forward to Chase having go to work Tuesday.  But someone has to work so that I can continue in the lifestyle that I am accustomed.

We had two extra children running around our house today.  Xavier and Austin’s friends came for Xavier’s birthday.  Clara loves those two boys too.  They were invited for dinner and came early. It was a rambunctious house today.  With all those little kids and all that time we did have a few moments.  Some hurt feelings, a little crankiness, but all the kids are so good they cleared things up on their own.  And in a good way.  I’m proud of all those boys.  We had issues earlier in the year with name-calling that bordered on bullying.  But the kids are really all good kids and today it showed.  I was proud of Xavier in particular.  I know he has the potential to be a leader, but this summer he wasn’t leading.  But today he led, he pulled all the boys together, kept them having fun and worked very hard to keep everyone happy.

I also loved today’s party.  A whole lot of fun, pizza and cake.  It didn’t cost too much.  I splurged on the cake and we got an extra pizza on pizza night, but it wasn’t bad.  I look at so much of what I see done for kids birthday parties and the cost is at least a hundred dollars.  It’s crazy.  The five kids in my house had a blast just being kids.  They didn’t need to be a Chuck-E-Cheese.  They watched movies, played video games, did Civil War reenactments, rode skateboards (in the garage) and more.  We also didn’t do presents, and that was not missed.  Xavier didn’t care, he was just glad he got to spend the day with friends.  He also got presents from family on his birthday.  I’m so down with how it worked that I’m thinking on asking for no presents with all birthday invitations from here on out.  There is no more stuff to just clutter the boy’s room.  Xavier certainly isn’t in need of any more stuff.  I wonder when it started becoming the norm for non-family members to give birthday presents.  From reading stories about people back in the day, it hasn’t always been this way.  Somedays I want to start a movement to go back to simpler times.