Yesterday, I knew I’d be paying for just hanging out all day.  I just didn’t know how much.  But such a great day yesterday was worth it.  I sure am tired now though.

It started with getting ready for PWOC.  I knew the songs we were going to sing, but hadn’t made the slides yet.  Fortunately, I have progressed from my first week of doing slides.  It took an hour per song my first time.  I can now knock a song out in 15 minutes.  So thankful for that.  I planned to get to it in the morning, but after not being able to fall asleep last night, I just went downstairs and took care of it.  That led to not getting to sleep until way too late.  Then I got to PWOC early this morning.  That was planned, I wanted some extra time for set up.  But I was too early, I got there before the doors were unlocked.  I found out a good lesson, the power to the stuff I need doesn’t tend to get turned on until about the time I normally arrive.  I no longer need to feel guilty about not getting out the door early.  PWOC went very well though.  My class was good, but my class is always good, the ladies are all so wonderful.  Worship was interesting.  My singers are sick.  When I took this position, I had no intention of ever singing.  I like running the slide show from the back of the room.  I secretly think microphones are evil, they distort my voice so that I come across sounding like a little girl.  But today, I didn’t have a singer and I knew the songs.  So I sang.  Then I made the announcement to the group that unless they wanted to hear me sing again they needed to step up to the plate.  Funny, I did have a couple offers for running the soundboard and projector which would free me up to sing more often.  Maybe I’m not such a terrible singer after all.

Yesterday, I also decided not to go grocery shopping.  That meant I went after lunch today.  Lunch was awesome though, food court with Chase.  Grocery shopping after PWOC generally leads to cranky mommy.  When the three children shopping with cranky mommy start whistling in the commisarry….mommy nearly lost her mind.  I love my kids but they sure do know how to push buttons.  But I get it, they are tired too, they have been out as long as I have and been playing hard with friends.  I know Tuesday shopping is hard on them.  But seriously, whistling?  And not stopping until I practically had to shout STOP IT.  However, they are wonderful kids who  helped to put all the groceries away.

Being so busy today I never had the chance to double-check time and location for a meeting I was sure was today until I arrived for the meeting and no one was there.  The meeting is Thursday.  Do you know how much stress could have been avoided today if I had checked on that earlier?  We could have sat down for dinner instead of eating in the car.  I could have cleaned up the kitchen from cooking dinner.  Note to self, always double-check these things before you leave.

Now, I am going to get off and spend some time with my husband.  I haven’t seen him today except at lunch and I miss him.  I’ve gotten so very used to spending all day with him.  And I love spending time with him.