I’m gonna just admit it.  Right now I am being super selfish with my time.  I’m not normally this way, but for the next month I’m being über selfish.  Granted for the last couple months I’ve been a little selfish.  I’ve allowed myself to get behind on stuff because I’ve been busy.  But for the next month I’m also not participating in anything that may take time away from my husband.  Normally, I’d totally stay late to help clean and decorate the chapel, but that’s at a time I plan to be having lunch with Chase and Chase wins.  Tonight was a totally fun sounding party for the ladies of PWOC.  But I stayed home and watched a the comedic stupidity in The Darwin Awards.  Funny movie.  But it wasn’t about the movie.  It’s about spending time with Chase.  So I’ll catch up on e-mail later.  I’ll get everything done that needs to be done, just on my terms.  And in January I’ll stay late and come early, babysit, clean up and tear down. And all that stuff may very well happen in December, but right now I’m so overwhelmed at the thought of Chase leaving, going to Alabama, leaving my kids for five days, and Christmas with a visitor and kids that miss Daddy that I refuse to think about December.  Granted the wedding and Sarah’s visit will be so much fun, but everything all together makes my head spin.   Anyway, right now I’m being selfish and saying no to anything that doesn’t include Chase or takes time away from him.