I gonna come out and admit it.  I am very overwhelmed right now.  I want a pause button.  Although, I feel like over block leave we were paused, and now we are in fast forward to make up for it.  Thanksgiving, Christmas with Chase, Chase leaving, all while doing PWOC, FRG, school, laundry and all the other stuff that makes up life.  I feel pulled in so many directions.  Add the emotion of an upcoming deployment.  I’m not worried about Chase, I just know the next year will be full of a lot of stress for both of us.  And we are in Alaska so you can subtract heat and light from the equation.  With a long to-do list that has to get done in the next three days, I was very overwhelmed this morning.  I wanted to crawl back into bed and pretend that none of those demands existed. However, I know that pretending things don’t exist doesn’t make them go away, so I did get a start on them.  I’m glad I did.  I’m feeling much better now.

Not everything that needed to get done today got done.  I had to prioritize.  When I saw the huge crowd at the commissary I knew that it was either grocery shop or pay the bills.  So I grabbed a bag of Splenda went to the express checkout and decided I’d brave that mess tomorrow.  Being that one of the bills on my list was due today, bills had to come first.  The kids helped me get a lot more accomplished around the house than I thought I could though. Xavier took care of the driveway.  It wasn’t perfect, Chase almost went out to help it out, until he realized it had started snowing again.  Austin cleaned the bathrooms.

It’s amazing how money motivates kids.  That is until I sat down and had a little talk about what they have to do with their money.  They will tithe at least 10%.  It’s a good habit, so why not start them off young.  And they will save some.  They can decide what they are saving for.  But I have to okay how they spent the money that gets saved.  Xavier asked if he could save for the Lego Millieum Falcon, I informed him he could save his spending money for that.  Savings is for a car, college, computer or something like that. I have decided that I will have say over all of their spending of money.  That’s another change from how I used to be.  I used to think, it’s their money, they can do whatever they want, as I watched them make really bad decisions.  Now, I think I’m the mom, I need to help them make good decisions.  I may let them still make bad decisions, but we will have talked it out and they will know they are making a dumb choice.