Hooray, November is over.  Not that I’m wanting time to fly, in less than two weeks this house will be down one family member.  However, December will also be lots of fun, a visitor and a wedding.  The reason I’m happy about a new month is I’m hoping that running your car into my van was a November fad and with November now gone people will stop.  So hooray, it’s December.

Having had to spend Wednesday to do all my Tuesday errands I opted for today to be my stay at home day.  I’ll admit to being a total bum and not looking at our driveway until after dark.  I had no idea it was snow-covered.  So, after dark, I sent Xavier outside to earn his spending money.  Not long after he was sent out, he came back in saying he was done.  I knew there wasn’t much snow out there, but I was hugely skeptical at how well he could have cleared the driveway.  He did about three passes with the shovel and called it quits.  It was apparently too hard. Yeah, work is hard.  But you decide that it’s worth the effort and you push through.  This is a lesson that a lot of adults don’t know very well, and even I’ve been there.  But I want better for my kids.  I want my children to grow up and be able to work hard and to not quit just because something becomes difficult.  That’s how the 1% became the 1%.  Yeah, some might have inherited it, but at some point someone had to work hard to earn that money.  Not all millionaires are lottery winners, and those who are lottery winners are still working at life or they don’t stay millionaires for long. I’ve heard so many stories about lotto winners actually being worse off after they won.  I’m getting off track though.  I do believe 9 is old enough to start putting one’s nose to the grind stone.  First, I let him know that if he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t get paid and if he was gonna quit on a job, I might not come up with more jobs for him to do.  No one in the real world will keep hiring a person who quits.  After dinner, he and Chase went out to work on the driveway again.  Xavier comes back in sweaty and looking like he worked hard.  I was so proud of him going out and doing what needed to be done.  Little did I know that he played in the snow while his dad did all the work.  Watching Deadliest Catch season 7 I became acquainted with a greenhorn that gave up on a job because it was too hard.  So while being too hurt to go out and help he ate popsicles and watched tv.  I was appalled that a grown man would play while the rest of the crew worked.  Yeah, I get that you hurt.  But a man would do what he could.  Can’t get yourself back on deck, prepare lunch.  Try to go back out on deck and do what you can.  And if you really hurt too bad to work, go crawl into your bunk until you feel well enough to do one of those things.  A person should feel ashamed to sit and play while watching other people work hard.  Granted, my child isn’t a grown man, but he’s becoming one.  I think it’s appalling that he can play while work is being done.  Especially work he is supposed to be doing himself.  Gonna work on that attitude in all my kids this year.