I’m working on getting back into doing life today.  I washed dishes, washed clothes, put out mouse traps.  The house should look better than when I woke up this morning.  My things I need to do before Tuesday list has shrunk.  Life continues.

I have a visitor right now and that makes life much more fun.  It’s hard to have a pity party in the presence of someone marveling over how pretty snow is.  And who can be too sad when making a snow angel?  I’m so glad she’s here.

The kids are doing very well.  I don’t know that Clara knows what’s going on.  She’s apparently accustomed to Chase being gone overnight, she hasn’t yet commented that he’s not here.  We’ve talked about him, but no “where’s Daddy?” or “when Daddy come back?”  Kid’s do take things better than we give them credit for.  The boys are both doing well today as well.  No sadness today.  Granted Austin almost made me cry when he reminded me he would be 6 before we saw Daddy again.  But he was matter of fact about it, mostly excited about turning six, which happens to be a long way off.  Xavier is quite aware that Daddy is going “where the bad guys are” but other than making sure that no one forgets the fact that Daddy is going to fight the “bad guys,” he’s himself.