Today was a wonderful day.  It started with church.  Late service, as I felt like sleeping in.  I’m normally not a huge fan of going to the late service, but today it was perfect.  I was well rested, and able to get to church without rush.  I think I made it on time, didn’t get into service on time, but that was because I was talking to a friend after we checked in our kids.  Then we sat together at church.  It was nice not to feel quite so alone.  The service was good as well.  Today, was our first service in “our” building.  We didn’t move, but we do now own the building.  Very exciting.  I love being in a church with a vision to reach the community and watching that vision come to fruition.  But I’m not writing about that today.

My very cool sister, who is always very thoughtful when it comes to gift giving gave us the gift of a family outing for Christmas.  And I decided that today we would use that gift.  Beauty and the Beast has been re-released in the theaters in 3D.  While we will see the theatrical presentation Saturday, I did not want to miss the movie in 3D.  I could picture the ballroom scene coming off the screen.  I also know that while my boys will not always admit it, they love Beauty and the Beast.  They watched it daily moving here and still break into the songs.  So right after church we went to Red Robin.  Which was cool, got to see a bit of the Giants-Packers game (the one game this weekend I was rooting for the winner).  I love play-off football.  My only complaint about that game is that there was no snow.  I have many complaints about the other games this weekend, but hey, there’s always next year.  Then we went off to the movies.  I’ll admit to singing Let’s Go To the Movies from Annie in my excitement.  We got our tickets and our 3D glasses and I was ready.  Then the previews started.  They were obviously trying to make the previews in 3D as the movie was 3D, but it was awful.  There was no focus what so ever.  With and without glasses.  While my guys have been to 3D movies before this was my first (outside the IMax, and those aren’t quite the same).  I was growing anxious.  This was our big outing.  Had I messed up?  Could 3D really be that bad?  Finally we got to the last (or maybe second to last) preview and all of a sudden everything was crystal clear and popping off the screen.  I now understand all the raving about 3D.  Then came the familiar strains of music the begin Beauty and the Beast. And the scene as you approach the castle.  It took my breath away.  It didn’t take long for the boys, who had been acting as if they were too cool for this “girl” movie, to be sitting on the edge of their seats.  Once the candy was gone, the boys moved from the edge of their seats to standing next to the balcony, completely caught up in the familiar tale.

To make my day only more wonderful, Alaska put on a beautiful show.  Clear, crisp blue skies.  Snow still fresh and white and glittering.  The world was white and varying shades of blue.  We paid for the sunny, blue skies in temperature, but I’ll say it was a fair trade.

I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight so that I can hit the ground running tomorrow, after being completely refreshed by this amazing day. Bring on the week.