Deployment is a time for us wives to look however we want to.  T-shirts and sweatpants (not that I own sweatpants, but you get the picture) become our uniform.  With our men halfway across the planet we have no one to impress.  I’ll admit to the slacker days, I’ve had my share already this deployment.  But there comes a time when the girly-girl in me has had enough.  Today was my day.  I actually like doing my hair and putting on make-up.  When I don’t do it, it’s more a lack of time than desire.  So, today, I decided that I would find the time and look my best for the monthly FRG meeting.  I learned some tricks for doing hair while getting mine done for Dianna’s wedding.  I wasn’t just taking pictures and getting pampered.  I was using my time watching and learning.  I never go in to get my hair done, so I watched closely, knowing this was my chance to see a professional at work.  So today I recreated my “Carrie Underwood” hairdo from the wedding. Minus the flower.  I’ll admit to putting the flower in, but it just didn’t work with the outfit.  I believe I was fairly successful.  Until I put my coat on.  Then my coat started bumping into my hair.  Then I went outside into the wind.  And I learned that while my 4 bobby pins were plenty to get the hair into place, the 50ish the hairstylist used were necessary to keep the do.

Now, I’ll admit that it did make me feel better to look good, really good.  But it still wasn’t the same as when Chase is here.  All that work and no one to truly appreciate it.  No eyes getting bigger, or the head-to-toe “that’s my woman” glance.  At some point that acknowledgement has become very important to me.  So I took a picture of myself to send to Chase.  And then, knowing, even though he’s not here, he was still able to see me and think “oh yeah, she’s mine” made life seem a little more normal.  And I thank God for technology, so that I can share the little things, like a new hair-do with him.  Because the little things do matter, and this would be so much harder without them.