The title of today could be “I’m so vain, I think this status is about me.”  Honestly, I could possibly do an entire blog on the vague statuses I encounter that I think are directed at me.  It’s funny though, the vague general statuses that are positive “I thank God for all my wonderful friends” I don’t see as being written for my benefit.  However, the negative ones “I’m so tired of all the people posting negative statuses” cause me to wonder what I did to cause them.  Yessir, I am that vain.

The kid’s 7 hour flu hit me today.  After it passed it left me tired, sore and wore out (the opposite of how it left them, what a difference 25 years makes on the body).  I had no energy to do what needed to be done, leaving me with lots of time on my hands.  So I spent a lot of time on Facebook.

A friend posted a picture that read “I wear his ring, not his rank.”  And may I start by saying “hooah.”  I agree completely.  I try to treat everyone equally.  That’s easy for me here.  As this unit is full of Majors, I just assume everyone is a Major, or married to one.  As the wife of a Captain that means everyone here is above me.  So, while there is most probably someone out there this picture was posted for, I felt in the clear, until I read the comments.  And then it wasn’t just one person I know, but two who know someone who wears their husband’s rank.  And then, gasp, is it me?  Now, here’s the deal, these women know lots of people so the likelihood that this woman is me is minimal.  I also realize that tI am not so significant to either of their livfes that they would probably be spending much time thinking about me.  But it got me thinking, do I wear my husband’s rank? I wear my husband’s job and accomplishments.  I am so proud of that man and what he does.  I will steer you to his page like I have something to do with it.  I will brag on him until my face turns blue.  He works hard, and I want the world to know just how cool I think he is.  I’m also in a position where I know a lot of what’s going on in the unit, when it becomes official.  If he’s told Winn Mete of Base Alpha Kilo, he’s probably told me as well.  And if KTUU knows, you betcha I know too.  It’s a perk.  So I can assume that on occasion I get full of myself knowing the scoop, at least the official scoop.  Yeah, you could get the same scoop from Base Alpha Kilo or KTUU as well, so I shouldn’t be all full of myself.  But it is fun being able to clear up rumors with the official story.  So, yeah, I’ll admit, I totally wear my husband’s job.  If that offends, sorry, I think his job is so cool, I’m not gonna stop being proud.  But his rank…like I said before, in general I assume everyone is a Major.  Sorry to all the Colonel’s I’m demoting, though I so rarely meet any, and when I do assumptions are generally not necessary, they are introduced as COL So-and-s0.  With my husband being a Captain, that would make my rank lower than everyone elses.  Granted, after meeting people and knowing them for a while I do learn their true rank, but by then we know each other and are treating each other not based on rank and social structure but as people.