Since I didn’t get my wish that Xavier be spared from the stomach virus going through this house, I have a new desire.  One “normal” week.  One week in which no one gets sick.  One week with no major discipline issues.  I know my kids are kids and they will never be perfect, but I think one week with no actions that leave me banging my head against the all wondering where I have gone wrong as a parent.  I pre-emptively ask for no breakdowns of the car, clothes washer, dish washer, dryer, and all other necessary appliances.  The car I pray over every day, I need that baby so bad.  My clothes washer started making extra loud noises tonight, but I was washing pillows, so I am now praying that the washer is not broken, that it was only unbalanced. I need that machine.  Granted, we do have a washing machine in the garage, but I would still need someone to bring that one upstairs and remove mine.  And I love my machine.  I would be happy using that washing machine until I die. I’m down with the cold temps and totally over snow, so I would also as for no snow during that week so that I don’t have to deal with snow blowing.  If I am the only factor in the getting on tack process, I might just be able to do it.  But while I’m hoping for that miracle week, I know that I just need to get it together no matter what life throws at me.  So tonight, while Xavier got out of having to do homework because he was sick I cleaned the kitchen.  My sink is free of dishes.  And while the house isn’t perfect, it’s better than it’s been.

And now I’m off to check on the washing machine.  It’s making that noise again.