We are all feeling better today.  But we still took a sick day.  We have gone through this cycle too many times over the past two weeks.  Be sick and miserable, or up all night with a sick and miserable kid, then push like crazy the next day trying to make up for lost time.  Honestly, even though we are better, we aren’t all better.  We all needed some extra rest.  And we all needed some fun.  Like playing Uno instead of doing chores.  Watching Wild Kratts instead of doing Science curriculum.  I’m sure the kids learned something today, so it’s not a total wash.  And with fingers crossed I have put my kids to bed, praying that today is the last day this bug gets.  Especially with tickets for Beauty and the Beast.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing this since we moved here and Chase found that it was coming.  Bummed that he can’t come, but very excited to take the kids to the theater for the first time.