Do you ever make plans for your kids, and wonder who the plans are really for, you or the children?  Spend lots of money on an experience for them, and think “am I doing this just for me because I want to?”  Not me.  Today I knew who our plans were all about: me.  I wanted to see Beauty and the Beast, therefore I was going.  The kids were coming because it was the best answer to who was I going to go with, and what was I going to do with the kids.  I’m sure that there are plenty of women who would have gone with me, I know tons of families who went.  And a baby-sitter would have been cheaper.  Although, I can’t remember the last time I have used a babysitter.  A friend watched my kids for me one afternoon while Chase was at JRTC.  Anyway, I knew Clara would like the show.  Although, I also knew, at her age, she probably won’t remember the experience and I had my worries about her ability to behave that long in the theater.  While the boys were trying to be all masculine and act like it was too girly, I thought they really ought like it, but they are still boys.  Knowing that it was all about me, not fooling myself into thinking it was because the kids would love it so much did give me doubts.  Memories of screaming toddlers making me miss movies, worries of tired, cranky boys being so restless they had to be removed to allow other patrons to enjoy the experience plagued me.  I did not want to miss this show, but worried I might be asking too much of my young children.  I forgot that while my children seem to me to be the most likely to disrupt a crowd, they really are well-behaved.  I don’t give them enough credit.  Nor did I give the event enough credit.  The boys loved it.  It was too long for Clara, but as she was able to cuddle up in my lap she dealt well.  Yes, Austin did get restless, and I had to scold him a couple of times as his feet got dangerously close to the head of the lady in front of him (but they never made contact).  It turned out to be wonderful.  My children behaved wonderfully, and even better, all had a blast.  All three are glad they went.  And I am glad that I looked beyond my doubts and took my family to a wonderful show.