I know that my life is easy, and any complaint I may have is trivial.  That doesn’t make it any easier.  The bug may have given us a day, but it is not yet gone.  My children and I will be quarantined until at least Wednesday at this point.  Which means I will be missing PWOC.  I am quite upset about that.  I actually like going and was totally looking forward to the Bible study starting this week.  Now, I will be making phone calls tomorrow to let people know I won’t be there and trying to make sure praise and worship will go on without me.  I will also be calling an appliance repair man because I need my washing machine.  I honestly don’t know what else to do.  My neighbor was supposed to come over and take a look at it today, but I haven’t seen him yet.  I’d try to reschedule with him, but I need my washing machine.  I have clothes that are in desperate need of cleaning.  I’d hand wash, but with this bug going around, I don’t want to contaminate any of our sinks by washing the dirty clothes.  The washing machine will contain the germs, the bleach will kill them and then they will be gone.  But in a sink there is splashing, and you just never know.  I’d go to a laundry mat, or someone’s house, but we are all under house arrest until this bug leaves.  I will have to make an exception for shopping and bill paying. I guess I may have to make anohter exception depending on how much a repair man costs and when he can get out here.

While I know that really, all this stuff isn’t all this bad, many people deal with worse, I’m so tired of dealing with all this.  I’m tired of stuff not working.  Be it the speedometer, the windows in the car, or the washing machine, I’m over it all.  I know it’s not all that bad, I can afford to have it fixed.  I guess the big issue here is that Chase is a do-it-yourself fixer.  And if he were here he’d take care of it.  So I feel like a failure when I have to spend the money that he works hard for to fix things that he could take care of with ease.  I am beyond sick of all of us being sick.  It’s messy, it’s no fun, and, by golly, the kids are about to drive me crazy.  We all want to be around people our own age, and until this is gone from all of us, that’s not possible for any of us  It’s getting warmer, which means it snowed today.  I don’t know if I’m yet well enough to push the snowblower, but I’ll have to be tomorrow.  I know some people are glad to see the warm up, especially all those with heat issues on post.  But I can handle bundling up to go outside (especially, when we shouldn’t be leaving the house in the first place).  I really don’t feel up for snow though.  I know, it could be worse.  But all this stuff is making the whole deployment thing just that much harder.

Alright, got my whining in.  I know I will get through this.  I know it just sucks.  But it really does suck.