I realize why deployments often begin/end around the holidays.  But as far as the spouse goes, the timing sucks.  Deployment is an adjustment that needs some getting used to.  The holidays are not the best time for getting used to anything, they are a time of confusion and business when nothing is normal.  Add deployment to that, and it’s hard getting your feet underneath you.  At least it is this time around for me.  And that is why I’m being so whiny about the little things, that are a part of life, going on right now.  I just need some “normal” time to adjust.  December was not adjust time, it was crazy whirlwind time.  Then we finally got to January, and I should be establishing a routine.  And I might just have one down, except that every other night or so someone threw up at midnight and needs comfort and rest, or someone’s tummy aches, or someone is needing more than just her diaper changed every hour.  And that has been going on for two weeks now.  Two weeks that I would like to be using to establish my new normal.  And I hope and pray that this too shall pass and not be normal for long.

So really things aren’t as bad as I might make them seem.  The repair guy will be here tomorrow.  It may cost some money, but that’s why Chase goes to work, so that we have money to pay the repair guy that I might live the life I am accustomed to.  It may not be fixable.  But we have been blessed with a spare washing machine.  I can’t say that I want to use it as I’m spoiled to my front loading (think agitator-less) machine, but my life will go on.  I may complain about having to take care of snow, but as I just got chided about blowing my own snow tonight, that’s just me, still wanting to be Wonder woman taking care of all things all by herself.  (I never truly wonder where my children get their independent streak from).  Yes, I had car issues Saturday, but they are only a result of being out in sub-zero weather for hours while I had fun at the theater.  Poor Katie (yes, I named my car, she was the first car that was mine and that special bond deserves a name) just doesn’t like the cold, she is from Tennessee after all.  As I don’t live in Fairbanks and I do have a heated garage, her dislike of the cold will not be an annoyance all that often.  And the kids.  They are truly wonderful children.  Taking care of things when the bug has me down.  Getting along so very well.  How many moms can say that after a week of only being let out of the house once her children still are playing well and being nice to each other?  Today they played hotel.  Boxes from around the house were packed and turned into suitcases, and the kids checked guests into all of our rooms.  Then they had a blast with Legos; Xavier is perfecting that crab boat.  Yes, Xavier and I had a bit of a trust issue, but he’s such a good kid.  And he’s working so hard to help out while his Daddy’s gone.  Not letting him off for his transgressions, just realizing he is a great kid.  Yeah, he still doesn’t like school work, but as we get into a routine that’s being dealt with.  And while we are all sick, it’s not a horrible bug, it just won’t go away.  Praying that last night was the last of it though.  So life isn’t really all bad.

Only one thing is still really getting to me, and that’s that I want a “normal” week.  I want some time to establish a new routine.  The way we did things while Chase was here just isn’t working now.  There are some things I’d like to try and see if we can’t make work.  When is the best time for grocery shopping?  What day is best for us to make it to the dump?  Will Tuesday work for a regular Arctic Oasis day or do we need to find another day?  What day should we do chores?  When would be a good night to invite people over?  Over one month in, I am wanting answers to these questions.  I should be into a routine by now.  But when going to the store is dictated by when everyone has been well enough that I can safely assume no one will have to make an emergency run to the bathroom, I can’t gauge when it really works the best overall.  I don’t know when is the best time to go to Arctic Oasis when we can’t go.  That’s what’s really bothering me.  The rest will take care of itself, as will our scheduling issue.  We just need time and a little normalcy.