The washing machine repair guy came today.  And pronounced my machine terminal.  I had a horrible feeling that would be the case.  I hoped it would be something that could easily be replaced or fixed, but as I couldn’t see anything that looked broken or out-of-place when I opened it, I had a feeling it was the drum.  Here lies the problem with many of the new technologies I rely on and have grown to love.  They are made so that fixing is cost-prohibitive and could possibly cause new problems.  Everything seems to be disposable.  I asked the guy if I could keep using the machine, or if I should stop for fear of a real problem.  He said that now that it’s broke it will continue to get worse, but as it’s already broke nothing worse will happen.  It will probably start to leak, but he expects it will start as a little leak, so as long as I keep my eye on it and stop using it as soon as I see any sign of a leak I shouldn’t have to worry about a huge leak.  So I am back to doing my laundry.  And as Austin didn’t wake up last night until he was actually being sick, we needed some serious laundry done.  When it dies, I have a plan, I will get a couple of guys to bring up my other one, and dispose of my broken one.

And here I must complain.  I know at the moment I’m being whiny.  But I’m gonna get it out of my system and then put on my big girl pants and move on.  I love my washing machine.  I don’t want the other one.  I would rather go out and buy a new one, because I love my front loader.  My king-sized comforter fits in it, it will have to go to the laundry mat once this one dies.  It also washes all my dedicates, and all Clara’s dedicates.  I have been buying clothes for the past 7 years without caring if the label said to hand-wash because my machine could baby my clothes as if they were being hand-washed.  This leaves me with a ton of articles that need to be hand-washed.  Dresses with delicate fabric for Clara, delicate silks and laces and things with fringe for me.  None of which will be able to go into the other washing machine.  I’m already not driving my van, the keys and title will be turned in tomorrow.  Now I’m losing my washing machine.  I’m looking at things that Chase has worked hard for and saved for and bought for me.  That we have spent years researching until I find just what I want (and then drooling over once I have decided what I want).  And he has managed to get me exactly what I want.  The perfect washing machine and the perfect van.  And now I’m looking at years without them, using something that just isn’t perfect.  The washing machine will be replaced with another, but it’s a top-loader.  And it’s a perfectly good machine so I’ll be stuck with it for quite a while waiting for it to die.  And yes, I’m complaining that I have a perfectly good washing machine.  I realize I’m a spoiled brat, but I do promise that once I fishing typing I will get over it and remember to count my blessings and be thankful for that perfectly good washing machine.  And we will buy a new van.  But the likelihood that we will be able to find one that is my color.  And then there’s the radio, GPS, back-up cam and remote start/keyless entry/security system that we had put in.  And the final touches Chase added just for me, my steering wheel cover, front plate and sticker.  The exact ones I wanted.  Will a new van have all of that?  And will we be able to find all the things additions we have added to our last one?

It boils down to I’m spoiled.  I have a husband who works hard to find and buy exactly what I want.  And I am surrounded by so many things that show that.  My netbook I am currently typing on, my Kindle Fire I will read once I’m done typing, the couch I’m sitting on, the coffee table my feet are resting on, the tv I’m watching, the entertainment center it rests on, the refrigerator, and last but not least, the house that holds it all.  My husband works so very hard to make sure I’m surrounded by not just what I need, but the things that fulfill the exact specifications of my hearts desire.  So a couple of those things I have to part with.  They are only things.  And I’m complaining because……I’m a spoiled brat who needs to get over her pity party.


****Two hours later.  I must add that I am really, truly spoiled.  All that whining and complaining, God must have been laughing at me.  He knows the while story.  That He has given me a wonderful husband who likes to provide me with things that I like.  Chase called.  And without thought, after I told him our machine was unfixable, he said he guesses I’ll be shopping soon.  Even knowing that we have a perfectly good machine, he wants for me to have the machine that I want. Not only did he tell me to replace my old one, he gave me an idea of a newer version that will work better in our house.  Not that I had any right to get myself all worked up over a washing machine in the first place, but knowing how much my husband works to make sure I have my hearts desire, why do I let these things get to me?