I bought a washing machine today.  The first purchase that large that I have made by myself.  Chase has been around for all furniture, appliance, car and home purchases.  Which tends to be a good thing.  He’s more level-headed than I am.  I have what a friend calls ADOS-Attention Deficit…Oh Shiny.  I was torn for a bit between getting all the features I want, or paying the amount I think a washing machine should cost.  My price points must be from ages ago.  I think that a washing machine should cost no more than $500.  However, I decided early on that if I was going to shell out $500 I did not want to resent the thing I was buying, thinking about what I could have had if only I weren’t so cheap.  If I’m going to be miserable with a washing machine, I might as well stick with the one I have for free in my garage.  So I went from looking at the bargain basement machines to buying the creme de la creme, mac daddy machine.  This is where Chase comes in handy.  I tend to go to extremes.  However, before you shake your head and think, she should have run her choices by her husband, I will let you in on a secret.  My husband and I talked price point before I went shopping and after hearing my price point, the salesman made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  My creme de la creme, mac daddy machine delivered to my house by the end of the week, for the high-end of what my husband and I talked about the night before.  And this baby was made with me in mind.  There is a new feature called fluff fresh, or something about “fresh”, it will get the bacteria out of your clothes if you leave them in the washing machine for too long.  Between being a mommy and that ADOS, I rewash a ton of laundry because I forgot that I washed it in the first place.  I am so excited about the arrival of my machine.

It’s amazing how the introduction of something new that really, really cool can help boost you in a positive direction.  My excitement of the arrival of my washing machine has me getting my house ready to become its home.  Cleaning has become fun as I think of the new buttons and dials, and how I will be able to steam clean and sanitize my laundry.  I have received a shot of energy as far as housekeeping goes.

On another note, it’s been nearly 47 hours since the last attack of the bug.  Other than errands, I don’t plan to do much tomorrow, and Friday, I will be washing clothes all day long as the laundry baskets are nearly overflowing as it is (it’s amazing how fast stuff piles up with a stomach bug, three kids, one of whom is a diva of a girl who must change three times a day at least, and one adult.  We were only able to do three loads before my machine gave up the ghost and two of those were bedding that doesn’t normally need washing).  But Saturday, we will finally be able to see other people.  There is an event at church I’m hoping to attend.  And it looks like we should all be well enough to go.  Yay!!!!!