What an incredible blessing a normal day is!  A day where the only issues were of my own making.  You know, not being able to put a good book down until you finished it.  Staying up until 1 am only to find that this is a book in a three-part trilogy and the story is not yet over.  There are some series where each story can stand alone, this is not one of them.  Yes, the minor story is finished, but there is still a big story brewing in the background.  While I did buy the sequel after finishing book number 1 (I guess that’s why book number 1 was free) I did refrain from reading it last night.  Once upon a time, I could read all night long and do what I had to do during the day.  Yeah, that hasn’t happened since having children.  I need my sleep.  It’s no longer “beauty” sleep, it’s “beautiful attitude” sleep.  It is patience sleep.  I’m setting an alarm for a reasonable time tonight and I will not read past that time.  (Says the woman with iffy self-control.  Baby steps though, and confidence that this will be the time.)

It was a beautiful day.  So beautiful that I couldn’t keep Xavier inside.  He went out to play.  I’m guess he was feeling more cooped up than I had thought, he stayed out in that -8 degree weather for at least a half an hour.  He fought the snow and had a great time.  Clara wanted to go with him, but the snow is taller than her.  Austin, knowing who he is decided to stay inside.  I call him my Florida child.  I have yet to see him experience weather that is too hot for him, and we did see some crazy heat in Georgia.  But he gets cold fast.  My other two have more of my genes, cold is not a big deal, but heat…that’s another story.  Although, the power of friends does something to both my men.  Austin will brave the cold for his friends here, and Xavier sweated out the heat in GA for his friends.

I got caught up on all my errands today.  Not my normal day to do all this stuff, but as it was the first “normal” day we’ve had in a while we went.  It’s funny how two weeks of being cooped up can change a child’s perspective.  Normally when we go to the bank, Xavier wants to stay in the car.  Today, he was itching to get out of the car and go inside.  The kids were bummed that our errands there didn’t take more than 5 minutes.  They were coloring pictures that weren’t theirs.  And I’m not sure what caused my good luck, but they were extremely well-behaved in the commissary.

After a day like today, I know we will make it through this deployment. I might even not just make it, but do well.  Give me a few more days like today, and I’ll be ready to conquer the world.  Well, my world at least.