So, Xavier will get baptized Sunday.  I happy, I really, really am.  But part of me wishes that he’d wait for his dad to come home.  But we talked about it before Chase left, and Chase understands that a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t tell Xavier that Sunday was baptism Sunday.  I knew he’d be bummed having to wait, but if he didn’t know about it until it was already done, he’d have to deal.  I guess that’s why God brought the idea of getting baptized to Xavier this week.  If I was gonna be stubborn and not listen, God had to go straight to the source.  Monday night Xavier just came to me and asked when the next baptisms were gonna be.  Now I can be a bad mom and hide the truth from my son, but I can’t right out lie to him.  So I told him.  He began to jump around the room.  I decided he and I needed to have a good talk.  So I sat him down, looked at him and reminded him that his dad would be back in a few months.  The good kid that he is, he did take a minute to think about that, but the great kid who loves God that he is won.  (May I insert, I am so stinkin’ proud that my son has is priorities in order?  I really could take a lesson from him, God first no matter who that puts second.)  We’ve talked long talks about baptism.  Especially since he first told me he wanted to do it.  I am that mom, I so don’t want to push him because I want him to fully understand what he’s doing that I never asked if he wanted to “ask Jesus into his heart” and I wasn’t about to push baptism.  (The whole “asking Jesus into his heart” thing he took care of on his own one night about a year and a half ago and then told me about it the next morning.)  Baptism is a big deal, and I don’t want him doing it just to do it.  Apparently all my talking did was encourage him more and make me realize that I have a truly special child who really does love God.  So I know he’s ready.  But me, I’ll put it off to make sure that it can be a family event.  That would be the same person who put off her wedding for six months because we couldn’t get both our families in town at the same time over Christmas break.  (The one thing I regret about our wedding, I didn’t do what I felt was right because I forgot what it was really about.)  But God and Xavier are smarter than I am. This is between them. I guess this is also why the video camera was invented, to bring in the people who couldn’t be there when you just gotta do what you just gotta do.