I had high hopes of all I was going to get done today.  Post office, shopping (all the cleaning I’m doing is making me think of what we could use to keep things organized), taking care of some paperwork.  Ending the day out to dinner because I figured we’d all be worn out after my big plans.  Then I looked outside and saw the snow.  It wasn’t too bad yet.  I could have gone out.  But the flakes were big, fat flakes that spoke to me of serious accumulation and wet streets.  Lately, we’ve been having those little, dry flakes that don’t do much (other than act like sand on the roads and make serious dust clouds making visibility fun as you try to find the car in front of you in the snow cloud trailing behind him, but no traction or sliding issues).  But today’s snow was different, the snow from December that piles up is back.  I made the decision that nothing needed to be done right away and we weren’t braving that snow.  Boy, am I glad I made that decision.  By the end of the business day, several schools let out early, most after school activities were canceled, businesses were closing and the transportation department asked everyone to stay off the roads if possible so they could clear the roads with greater ease.  Although, the question was brought up, what will they do with all that snow.  The berms on the sides of the road are getting rather tall.  The evening news reported traffic accidents for the day over 100.  15 moose accidents in the last 24 hours have been caused by the snow as well.  The moose move onto the streets where they don’t have to expend as much energy pushing their bodies through the ever accumulating snow.  I thought how blessed I was that I didn’t have to be out in that.  That nothing I needed to do was so urgent it couldn’t wait a few days.  I still hope to get out and gets some special goodies for Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow, but we’ll make do with what we have if I can’t get to the store by then.  Although it’s not the Super Bowl without chips and dip and massive amounts of junk food.  I’m thinking pizza rolls and cheddar stuffed pretzels really need to grace my menu this year.  I went out to shovel off the hot tub (bad things happen when the cover doesn’t get cleared of snow, trust me, I know from experience).  On two side of my hot tub the snow is taller than the hot tub.  I’d consider shoveling the deck, but I have nowhere to put that snow.  Break up is gonna be a major mess this year, I can tell it already.  I went out front to clear the bit of the driveway that Bill said would help him to use his snowblower.  And I was thankful that I knew Bill would be by to take care of my driveway.  The news said 13″ at 5, I’d have to say at least that, probably more.  My snowblower would have had a fit.  But with my new mittens my hands could have dealt with the snow.  The rest of me would have been tired and worn out, but I’d still have feeling in my fingers.  But I just cleared a little strip and went back into my house to make dinner instead of spending hours removing snow.  I am extra thankful for Bill today, as accumulation has pushed the berms on either side of my driveway to hight than my snowblower can blow.  I remind myself that this is an abnormal winter as start thinking about looking at more powerful snowblowers on Craig’s List.  The snow is still falling, Still big, fat flakes.  The only difference is that it’s getting heavier.  The snow is just pouring down right now.  Total accumulation for the season is over 8′.  And at least 6 weeks of winter left. (Have I mentioned I’m not looking forward to break-up this year?  The thought of the snow melting is worse even than the thought of having to use my snowblower to remove the snow.)