On Sunday, when Pastor Kenny was reminding me that leaving God in control is good for my life and for my mental health, he also revealed a shocking secret.  He’s addicted to his phone.  While he revealed some of his dirty laundry, scenes from my own life started running through my head.  Sitting on the couch watching tv with Chase and playing Solitaire on my phone.  Playing Civilization in bed.  It hit me, I have been allowing my phone to take time away from Chase.  I have been retreating to games, instead of just being with him.  So when I got home I deleted all the games off my phone.

Last night, this lead to the discovery that I can’t just sit and do nothing.  I was loading our CD’s onto the computer, so that we could actually listen to some of the hundred CD’s we own, but never actually listen to.  Why put on a CD, with only about 15 songs, when I can listen to my I-Pod with thousands of songs?  However, we have a great music collection that really ought be used.  Anyway, I was doing tha, and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  And I found myself checking Facebook constantly.  As I checked for the umpteenth time with still no change (not many people are on Facebook after 10 my time) I wondered why I kept doing it.  I put my phone down and tried to just sit and watch my show.  (I thought about cleaning or doing something else productive, but I was tired and really wanted to just sit).  I was restless and antsy.  I seriously thought about installing Solitaire back on my phone.

So to keep from installing games that take my mind away from where I’m at, I’ve decided that I need a hobby. Something that will engage my hands, without taking my mind out of the room.  I’m a big fan of cross-stitch, and I thought about finishing one of the many projects I’ve started.  But then I thought, what will I do with the project when I’m done.  While all are beautiful projects, I don’t really want a house with cross-stitch all over the walls.  While I do like making cross-stitch, I don’t actually want to live surrounded by it.  I’m currently thinking about knitting.  I’d avoided it like the plague.  I had done it as a child and liked it, but hadn’t done it in a while. And then it became popular.  Growing up my decisions were always questioned, was I doing things simply because it was popular or the latest fad.  While I now realize that the questions had no validity, I still avoid anything trendy, simply to avoid being thought of as trendy.  But here’s the thing.  I liked knitting as  kid.  And if I’m any good at it, I could make stuff that’s actually useful.  A recent issue of Martha Stewart had a ton of projects that are way cool, and allegedly simple.  Although, this is Martha Stewart simple we are talking about.  But it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some yarn and some knitting needles next time I go to  Michael’s, would it?  And as knitting is trendy, there should be a lot of YouTube videos reminding me how to get started.