So I started knitting today.  While out running errands, I made sure I stopped by Michael’s where I fell in love with all the different types of yarn.  The super soft yarn, the fuzzy yarn, the yarn with pom-pom balls.  But I decided for regular yarn, it’s super soft, but doesn’t have a particularly unique texture.  Having not knitted for years (we won’t say how many because that would make me feel very old), I didn’t want to invite complications from using the wrong yarn.  I can experiment with textures later.  Then I fell in love with all the colors.  I’ll admit the pinks drew me in.  But I bought blue.  Because I decided that I am going to make a blanket, and blue will fit in our house.  Why a blanket, because I all have to do is knit a bunch of squares and sew them together.  As long as I can make sure my knitting remains square we are all good.  And if it doesn’t remain square, we will deal with an imperfect blanket.  And it’s useful.  If this works I can make matching pillows to replace the ones that are falling apart on my couch.  After that the sky’s the limit.  Xavier decided that he wants to lean how to knit.  He wants to make a scarf.  So not only do I have to teach myself, I need to learn well enough to teach him.  Big sigh.  His scarf will be green and gold.  My sister should be proud, CSU colors, he’ll be representing the Rams up here in Alaska.

Now that I’ve started knitting, I’m not overly sure this was the smartest thing I’ve ever started.  I’ve gotten to about 4 rows, found out I dropped, or added a stitch, looked for the missing or extra stitch and managed to mess the whole thing up and had to start over multiple time.  Currently I have nothing to show for my time with my needles save some yarn it will take a while to unknot.  I got lazy and didn’t ball my yarn before using, started using the wrong end from the yarn and have a huge mess.  But I am an expert at casting off.  It’s way easier than I remembered.  I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with the leftover tail though.  I guess I’ll figure it out sometime I can always make sure I sew it into the seam of the blanket.  If that blanket ever gets made.  I will admit that I’m very good at starting projects and not so good at finishing them.

I also got this so it could be something I do while watching tv with the family so I’m no longer ignoring everyone.  Let’s not discuss how late I stayed up last night trying to get a few rows started.  (Maybe the late hour had something to do with my many mistakes).  I need to work at this whole self-control thing with knitting now too.  Not get so into it that I lose track of time and forget to sleep, or don’t have time for all my chores.  I guess this is still better than playing games on my phone and losing track of time and not paying attention to my family.  Plus, if I can actually finish it, I’ll get a nice blanket out of it.