Ha Ha Ha, It is finished.  I am triumphant, having slain my monster (one of them anyway).  My closet (the closet, the bane of my existence, the cause of shame so deep I would snap at anyone who dared go near) is now a haven of organization.  Okay, it’s still somewhat overstimulating, being full of a variety of different things.  But I now know where every last paper is.  Not because I’ve had to look through the stacks of unfiled papers recently, but because there are no longer piles of unfiled papers.  Every paper has a home and every paper is in its home.  There is even a small amount of extra space (which we probably need with at least two more years here.  Actually, it’s probably not big enough for two more years here, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it).  Now, if I could just get the kids, mostly Clara, to put stuff back properly when they are done with it, it could stay clean forever.  Trust me, I won’t be putting any more papers on top of the filing cabinets, not after finally getting it clean.

How did this miracle come to be?  A cross between head congestion making me slightly foggy, warm weather, and only having one car.  One might guess that with the weather warming up I’d be happy.  Imagine, sun and temperature above 0.  And I’m okay with that until the temperatures get above freezing.  I’ll admit that I have complained about the amount of snow, so I’m glad it’s not longer snowing.  And I’ll also admit that I’m looking forward to summer.  Alaska is at her best during the summer.  From June to September, there is nowhere I’d rather be.  And I know that to get from here to summer the snow has to melt.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Melting snow means slushy streets.  It means drivers who think they can drive like maniacs because the snow is finally melting.  Which is where having only one car comes into play.  Alaskans have already totaled one of my vehicles.  If possible, I’m not letting them at my last one.  With my head foggy today, so I wouldn’t be at my best, thank you no, I’m staying home.  Melting snow this time of year also means that once the sun sets, the streets will be like a skating rink.  I’m hoping that by tomorrow afternoon, when I have errands I have to run since I didn’t do them today, the streets will be better.  If nothing else everyone will have had a day to get used to driving in new conditions and they will be more prepared.

Not wanting to leave the house (honestly, mostly because of the head cold, but I do love to complain about melting snow), I had time on my hands this afternoon.  So I went after the closet.  I’ve been working here and there for a few weeks now.  I don’t want to think about how many hours it has taken.  Although, we can blame some of those hours on the fact that I am OC (obsessive-compulsive without the disorder, I still manage my life just fine).  I can’t put the cards away until I make sure that they are all face up and right side up.  Even the Monopoly money has to have the Monopoly man facing the same direction on all the bills.  I tried to put some games away without checking on all the pieces, I honestly did, but I had to go back and do it right.  Although, I am proud to say that I didn’t make sure the Trivial Pursuit cards were in order this time (did you know they are numbered 1 to 1,000?).  But it is all complete.  It feels really good to have it done.  I know it won’t stay perfect.  We’ve already played Life and I know for sure that all the bills aren’t right side up (they are however in order which is the important part).  It’s about the organization, not the perfection anyway.  And now organized, it will stay that way.

I will also add that I took breaks during the process today.  And while I relaxed I knitted and I have finished my first rectangle for my blanket.  It was supposed to be a square, 50 stitches by 50 rows, but it’s not quite square, I guess the height and length of a stitch aren’t equal.  Oh well, this is about having fun, not obsessing over dimensions.  And rectangles will work.