Today is Friday.  That has new meaning in my world.  It’s the day when I realize that I only have three days before I get to hit the ATM and I still have money to spend.  Just a month ago it was the day I realized that we had three whole days before getting to hit the ATM, so I needed to suck it up and deal.

I wondered what the possible reason for having this bonus money the last couple weekends could be.  We’re still eating out regularly. Even managing to hit the nice places not just fast food.  I’m not using more coupons.  I’m still buying name brands.  What could be making the difference?  Then I remembered that about a month ago I decided that we ate too much crap.  The boys and I were eating Hot Pockets almost every day.  Why spend the money on processed food when we could make sandwiches, or eat leftovers?  How about buy some cereal for breakfast?  So I cut off the Hot Pocket addictions and there hasn’t been one in the house for a while.  Now, a box of Hot Pockets isn’t that expensive.  But enough boxes for three people over seven days, that’s some serious money.  Even subtracting the extra bread, peanut butter and jelly, lunch meat and cereal from the savings leaves some extra money.  It was more of an eating better decision, but I’m liking the difference in spending as well.

Now, I could be a good girl and roll the money over to next week. I could be a better girl, do that and rewrite the budget reflecting that we need less every week.  I could be….But I’m not.  Most weeks I’m spending it on other stuff that we really do need.  Last week was mouse traps, trash cans and trays to help organize Lego’s.  But this week, well, Target was calling my name.  I’ve been to most of the stores around here and have priced some things on my wish list.  Xavier and I really want Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga, and I really want NCIS: season 3.  Yes, I could Netflix NCIS, but it’s not on instant view, and waiting for the DVD’s just isn’t working for me.  Anyway, Target has the lowest prices on both in our area.  So the extra this week went to those things.  There is currently a shoot out going on at the Cantina, and tonight I’ve got a date with Leroy Jethro Gibbs.