There is something wonderful about lazy Saturdays. Lazy defined as I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere so I get to do whatever I want.

Xavier and I have been kicking Lego Star Wars booty today.  Austin has been having fun playing as well.  With the help of a neighbor, Xavier has passed me in amount completed.  But he goes to bed before I do, haha.  Already the game is worth what we’ve payed for it by how much everyone is enjoying it.

Clara is happy and feels like it’s Christmas.  A few months ago, I took a trash bag to her room after she thew what I call a “diva” fit.  I didn’t throw everything away, and had intended on giving everything back slowly as she was able to keep her room clean.  I came to the conclusion that she is not yet old enough to clean her room, and what needs to happen is that Mommy needs to be consistent with helping her clean it. Anyway, since then the bag has been sitting in my garage.  There is a library book due that’s been missing since I cleaned her room.  I assumed it was in the bag.  Instead of just going through the bag, I decided to give Clara’s room a makeover and put all her stuff back in.  (Well, all the stuff I decided she should be able to keep, I got rid of a few toys and put other toys up for her to grow into).  When she entered her room when I was done she started thanking me for all her stuff.  She is so excited.  Now, we just have to keep it picked up together.  But as the rest of my house is falling into something resembling order, I pray that I will be better at helping her keep her stuff in order.  She is also growing by leaps and bounds and is significantly better at cleaning up on her own.  Add to that, she hasn’t thrown a “diva” fit in I don’t know how long.  It could be since the fit I lost it and took away all the toys she had been throwing around her room.  (PS, I did manage to find that library book.)

I’ve spent time with each of my kids today.  It has been a wonderful, amazing day.    Only one thing was missing today.  And he’ll be back before we know it.