I will start with a quick” oh the things my kids say”.  I tell the kids often that their life will go on.  The pajamas that you wanted to wear are in the washing machine, wear another set, your life will go on.  I mixed the spaghetti sauce in with the noodles (to make sure you get the serving of veggies the sauce offers) and you wanted plain noodles, your life will go on.  Anyway, Austin had lost a Lego piece to his new Lego set.  Clara found the missing piece. Austin came to me and said “Now, my life will go on.”  Funny, but I don’t think he quite understands what I mean when I say his life will go on.  But at least his life will go on.

Got a craving for ColdStone icecream today.  We have ice cream, I just bought some.  But the kids all wanted Mint Chocolate Chip.  I don’t like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Never have.  I tolerate it.  But when I want ice cream, that flavor just doesn’t cut it.  And that’s what we currently have because I let my kids choose.  So today I went to ColdStone to get some “real” ice cream.  It’s amazing when you’ve been having something substandard how you forget just how good the best is.  The lady at ColdStone mixed my ice cream and it wasn’t quite enough to fill the container.  So she mixed some more.  Well, she made way too much the second time, so she got serving cups and dished the leffover into four cups.  We each nearly had an entire serving.  As I ate the first bite I nearly cried it was so good.

I’m getting used to the whole overemotional thing this deployment.  Last night I was crying after I talked with Chase.  I was so happy and content and had such a great day.  All thanks to the sacrifices he’s made.  I have great kids that I get so spend all my time with.  I have an awesome house.  I have the ability to give myself extra spending money for things like Lego Star Wars and NCIS.  I have the world’s most comfortable bed.  I’m spoiled rotten.  And he’s over in the sand box dealing with crap so that I can have this life.  It’s not fair. But I am ever grateful that I have a husband who sacrifices that I might be this happy.