Bleh.  Today just hasn’t gone as planned.  Not a bad day, but not the day I anticipated.

The day started well.  I got a call from Chase.  But I do worry about him when I’m receiving a phone call at 9 am.  It’s a great time for me.  Wide awake and starting my day.  But I know it’s way too late for him to still be in the office his time.  He’s funny.  He keeps saying that he’s gonna just work more normal hours and what doesn’t get done just won’t get done.  But he forgets his DNA.  He’s wired to do the best job he can do no matter what.  I will say, when he’s home he is better at coming home before bed time.  But with no family drawing him home, deployed is different.  Less than 24 hours after making a vow to not stay too late, over an hour and a half after his “leave the office time” he’s calling me from the office.  I won’t complain, his inability to do less than his best is one of the qualities I admire the most about him.

But that call reminded me that the war in Afghanistan isn’t the only war being fought.  There is a spiritual war going on.  I can’t say I understand what’s going on.  It’s also not the time or place to explain further.  But I after talking with Chase I knew I needed to spend some time praying and reading the Bible.  Reread parts of Esther.  Good stuff, but did get my day started later rather than sooner.

Later in the day, I played Lego Star Wars with the boys, got stuck on a level that took way too long.  And ended up giving up before it sucked more of my time away.

I had planned to head out to the store.  Was getting ready to leave and possible check out the theater schedule and take the kids to Star Wars in 3D.  Looked out the window and it was snowing.  There goes my plans to leave the house.  I’m sure the car would be fine, but with the already wet, yucky streets I don’t want to chance snow.  Then there’s my luck with Alaska’s drivers.  Yeah, not driving if I absolutely don’t have to.

I guess I should actually be glad for the small delays today.  If I hadn’t been delayed, I might be on the road right now.  Instead I’m warm, dry and safe in my house.  Things could be worse.