In the past, I’ve been known to get upset when Chase does something nice for me because it’s not “just right.”  And I’ve been working on my attitude.  I’ve been working on seeing the gesture as my husband doing his best to please me instead of nit-picking and whining that he doesn’t listen.  Well, Chase has made it hard to work on that, especially with the flowers he picked out for Valentine’s Day this year.  It’s difficult to work on not nit-picking when there is nothing to pick at, when the present is perfect.  There is something about red roses for Valentine’s Day.  Red roses are in fact a very sexy flower.  But that wasn’t all in my bouquet.  I had mentioned to Chase once that I thought star-gazer lilies were really pretty and over the years they may have become my favorite flower.  When I saw the star-gazer lilies in my bouquet I nearly cried.  For all the times I’ve wondered if Chase listens to the little hints I give about what I like (and I give them constantly, I try to be easy to please even though I am very picky), I can now say with certainty, yes, he does listen.  And not only does he listen, he can remember.  I’m not a big fan of baby’s breath.  I don’t know why, but it looks cheap to me.  But I haven’t said anything about it since fighting the florist over my wedding bouquets.  I don’t think I was a bridezilla, but I was stubborn.  If I was going to spend tons of my dad’s money on a wedding, it was going to be perfect.  And baby’s breath is not perfect. But the florist couldn’t imagine a bouquet without filler, we finally found a flower that I liked and would be the filler he wanted.  Most Valentine’s bouquets I’ve seen contain baby’s breath.  And having fought a florist over filler flowers, I’ll never complain about it being in a bouquet I receive, knowing how florist feel about baby’s breath.  But my husband found a bouquet without it.  It is the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen.  It could have been designed just for me.  And the vase.  I’ve been receiving roses from Chase for 13 years now and most have come in vases.  I’ve had to part with a few.  It’s made me sad, but I don’t have uses for all of them, and we are Army.  I would have to move, unpack and find places for all those vases if I kept them all.  This is one I will keep.  I may even find it a permanant home, it’s that beautiful.

Not only is my guy a great husband, he rocks as a dad as well.  He didn’t leave the kids out.  He got them mylar balloons.  I don’t like normal balloons, but I do love mylar balloons.  And so do the kids.  Each has taken their balloon to their bedroom so they can look at the balloons as they go to sleep.  Clara even wanted to take her balloon into the bathtub with her.  I can’t blame them, my flowers followed me to my bedroom, and the way cool thing about flowers is that not only can I look them as I nod off, I can smell them all night long as well.

I love growing old with Chase, it gets better every year.  I just hope I’m improving as a wife even half as much as Chase has become a better husband.