In about 24 hours I will be hosting a jewelry party.  It will be the first time anyone older than 10 will be coming over for a visit since Sarah left.  Washing machine repair and energy tests don’t count.  I have been spending all day getting ready.  I have much left to do though.  However, I refuse to get overwhelmed.  I have a plan.  As long as I stick to it, we should be good.

Number 1: Remember why I’m doing this.  This is not about a home inspection.  It’s not even about making the perfect deserts.  It’s about having fun.  And a little about indulging in some new jewelry.  It’s about having a good time with friends and getting to know the women in my life a little bit better. Therefore, if it doesn’t all get done, it’ll be okay.  If I have to shove the clean clothes I haven’t folded yet into my closet, who cares?  If I take a box and dump the papers on the kitchen table into it, why would that matter?  If I forget to Windex the doors to the sun room, people will look past the smudges.  But if I get stressed out about the details, I may just forget that this is about fun.

Number 2:  I have time.  As long as I keep working and use the time well, it’s all good.  Knowing that I have time yet, I’m not going to get that box for the stuff on the table just yet, I’m still going to try to get things put away properly, for now.  At T minus 12 hours, that’s when I need to start just making sure that ready.

Number 3:  There will be kids coming, so I need to make sure things are ready for them.  This is where I get a little overwhelmed.  Normally, when people are coming over I let my room slide. You know, just do the rooms that will be used.  All rooms will be in use tomorrow (maybe not the guest room, there’s not much kids could do in there, and it would be one less to pick up, and that’s important, it’s where all the stuff I really do intend to take to the Salvation Army is).  Making things ready for the kids is a priority, moms will have more fun knowing their kids are in a clean, safe, fun area.

Number 4: Even after the party, I need to keep things picked up.  I need to do it for the kids and I.  Life is more fun without piles of stuff everywhere.  I need to invite people over more, that will have two purposes.  It’ll be fun, and it’ll be incentive to keep things clean.  And I need to keep the house looking like this when Chase is home. He totally deserves a beautiful home.

Well, it’s about time to do some more cooking and cleaning.