Well, the house will need some serious straightening out.  I have enough deserts to feed an army.  But I had fun tonight.  It wasn’t a huge party, but we had a blast.  I really like the women who came.  And I’d much rather have a small group of great people than a large group with whom I’m not totally comfortable.

I also had the best baby-sitter ever.  All the kids loved her.  She kept a ton of kids out of our hair for about 90 minutes.  And all kids were happy.  Plus the added bonus of no injuries (which with 6 young boys, 3 young ladies, and a bunk bed is saying something).  And my room stayed clean, let the kids watch movies in there with the request they respect my room.  And they did.  I know who the first baby-sitter I call next time will be.

Now I’m ending my night with more self-indulgence.  A bottle of sparkling apple cider and a pink wine glass, and the jewelry catalog.  I’m picking out just what I want to buy myself.  I have a pretty good idea this time.  Last party that was difficult.  But I eliminated a bunch from that party when I ordered.  I also had no clue what I wanted.  So I wanted it all.  This time I’m wearing more jewelry all the time (because I just bought a ton) and I know what I’m missing.  Those things that when I’m getting ready I think man if I only had.  Although the new spring catalog Olivia pulled out tonight had some really cool stuff, so some of my wish list will have to get bumped for the new stuff.  I will say Olivia pulled a pretty mean trick tonight though.  She brought the most beautiful pair of earrings and passed them around, and they have been discontinued.  Grrrrr.  I’m not the only person who wants them either.  Oh well.

Had fun, but at the end of the day I still miss Chase.  Life is just more fun with him.  Two months down though, leaving 8ish.