I have a new favorite tv show to watch on Netflix.  I was actually looking for something that would put me to sleep.  But instead I got hooked.  So I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, but I can’t imagine that all the rest won’t be as wonderful.  However, I find this show influencing me, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I am addicted to Cake Boss.  I love the cakes.  I’ve been a sucker for cake decorating for a while now.  I don’t do it myself.  Don’t have the tools, the time, or the need.  Even though our family can seem to be large culture-wise, we still only need five birthday cakes a year.  And being military, we don’t have extended family to add to the mix.  And then there’s the fact that, even up here, we still have Cold Stone.  Not that I don’t believe that if I put my mind to it, I could make a cake that would put Cold Stone to shame. But I’d need cake pans, and ice cream maker, and tools for doing proper frosting.  It’s just so much easier to let Cold Stone do the work.  But I love watching cake decorating shows, and thinking….no, knowing that if I wanted to, I could do that.  Then I love the whole Italian extended family.  I am enamored with the idea of big Italian, or Greek, or other boisterous loud families.  So not the culture I grew up with, or married into for that matter.  And being the quiet, shy, totally terrified of people person that I am, I do fit into my family, and my husband’s family, so much better than I would an Italian family.  But a girl can dream.  And the whole extended family concept is another I adore from afar.  Kids growing up surrounded by cousins and aunts and family all over the place.  Everyone working together and getting together for all the holidays.  It sounds so wonderful.  Granted, I’d probably go crazy having all those people pushing in on my life.  I’m sure I’d want to get away.  But that’s what movies and books and even tv shows are for.  To be a part of that culture for a while and experience the romance without actually having to live it.  So I love Cake Boss.  Cake decorating and big, loud Italian family, if there was just a romance in the story line I’d think it was created just for me.

But there is a side effect.  Watching the mixers on the show mix batter, watching them pipe icing and create amazing cakes makes me want to whip out my mixer, go to the store, buy some cake pans and a pastry bag, and go to town.  With dozens of deserts left over from last Friday, I don’t need to be creating any more deserts.  I could make an amazing cake right now.  But what would I do with it?  I’ve finally got the self-control to not eat my weight in confections, I don’t need to go back.  I’ve come to terms with the fact I probably won’t be going down in pant size while Chase is gone, so now my goal is to not go up in size.  Making chocolate cake, perfecting my strawberry chiffon icing and then eating all of that will not help me with my goal.  Plus, like I said I’ve already got desert coming out of my ears.  I have a tendency to over bake for things.  Somewhere inside of me I have an inner caterer, and I let her go to town.  Which means I tend to end up with a lot of really good, yet really bad for you food.  But I love the menu planning.  Trying to come up with a theme, then coming up with foods within that theme that will make a variety of people happy.  Creating some new recipes for a party and combining them with old favorites.  Then making food that is in theory as good to look at as it is to eat.  I love doing that.  Hence the tendency to go totally overboard and have cupcakes, cookies and raspberry swirl to feed an Army.  It may have been a bit of a blessing that my oven was behaving badly, I had plans for another type of cookie and fudge that I just didn’t get around to making.  There is part of me that thinks I could turn this love of food into a business.  The rest of me laughs at that.  I’m not nearly organized enough.  There are weeks when it’s hard enough to get dinner on the table every night.  Plus, raising kids is my first priority and I will not do something that takes away from my ability to do that.  So I put part-time caterer in the mental box titled things I want to be when I grow up.  And who knows maybe someday watching Cake Boss will pay off as I make my own sumptuous deserts to share with the world.