It never ceases to amaze me how many different emotions/out-looks/personalities I can have in one day.

# 1.  I will get up early and kick this day’s booty.  Okay, I didn’t get out of bed at 7, like I keep trying to do.  I’m trying very hard to turn myself into a morning person.  I would like to work out, without my kids interrupting/watching whatever. If  I do it at night, it only makes falling asleep that much harder.  Chase will be back, someday.  That day is getting closer every day.  And he will be up in the morning.  I’d really like to be one of those wives that actually spends time with her husband before he goes to work.  My step-mom was such a great example of that, getting up at an ungodly hour to spend time with my dad before he headed to work. I really want to do that.  Plus, on the mornings I do get up early, usually because I have to finish something for later that day, I have found that there is something inherently peaceful about the morning.  It’s a magical time of day, that I usually sleep through.  My eventual goal is up at 6:30 (yeah, I did just laugh at how unrealistic that seems).  But today I did get up at 8, I know for the rest of the world that’s sleeping in, but I’m a serious night owl and until recently I wasn’t entirely sure my bedroom clock told time before 9 am.  So anyway, up at 8, kicking some early morning booty.

#2 Sometime like 8:15, stuffed up, achy, and sore throat.  This is why I stay in bed until 9, getting up early promotes ill-health. Went downstairs and checked out Facebook as my kids watched The Princess and the Frog.  Went from in bed, to on the couch with a blanket, basically being in bed somewhere else.

#3 In the midst of getting my day done, turned on Cake Boss to watch with Xavier. Not only was Buddy making cakes, he was in a pizza making contest with is father-in-law.  Watching that, I started thinking that I really do need to make a cake and start really cooking again.  In this house we aren’t going to just survive this deployment, we are going to kick this deployments booty.  While cooking couldn’t be done at that time (oven not yet repaired), I started picking up the house and cleaning and tackling the mountain of laundry that I hid in my perfect closet.  I rejoiced in the fact that picking up took less time than normal as testament to the fact that we are getting better at the whole housekeeping thing. Started making plans of all the stuff I was going to take care of between now and Monday to give Monday a fresh start and be the perfect day to officially start kicking deployment booty. You don’t run a marathon without training, and you don’t start living a new life without some preparations.  Excitement was in the air.

#4 5:00.  The oven repair man was supposed to be here between 3 and 5.  Granted it was a snowy day with traffic issues everywhere.  But having been recently stood up by the flower delivery girl, I was getting restless.  Plus, dinner was supposed to be frozen pizzas.  Or out to Pizza Man if the oven was unfixable (my fingers were crossed that it was going to be an easy fix).  I was craving pizza after Cake Boss.  But waiting on the repair man I couldn’t do either.  Being that my stove top is connected to my oven I didn’t even want to make something on the stove top, what if in the middle of making pancakes and bacon he came?  Then the news starts telling me that it might be prudent to remove some of the snow from my roof.  With the record levels of snow fall this year, it’s finally getting pretty heavy up there, with the fire department having to respond to ceiling cave ins and the resulting problems around town.  Plus, the kids were all acting up.  You can’t say they were hungry, I was keeping them full of snacks.  I think Clara was tired (being that I finally sent her to bed and she fell asleep within minutes).  I had sent Xavier out to shovel the driveway and he was just playing in the snow.  I had asked the boys to clean up the Legos several times throughout the day and had finally looked in on their lack of progress.  Someone had lost my I-Pod and even the dog was misbehaving.

#5 5:30, national news time.  Time for a little perspective.  Towns have been leveled.  People dying and injured with the crazy weather going on in the Lower 48.  All my issues are petty and small.  My house is standing and warm, every member of my family safe.

#6 Ready to deal with the issues facing me.  Clara’s sleeping, she’s covered.  Legos picked up and driveway shoveled, boys only need be reminded that I should only have to ask them to do something once.  Dinner, we order pizza.  Oven, I call the repair shop and leave a message letting them know that I all really want is to know what’s going on.

#7 Oven gets fixed and I’m ready to conquer the world all over again.  After I call the repair shop and leave another message letting them know that I really do love Johnny, the repair guy, and that he came and did a great job.

#8 Ready to scream at my kids again.  How many times should I tell them to do something?  Did we not already have this discussion today?  Should I really have to tell them to get ready for bed 3 times?  How old are they, and are they really ignorant of the whole process of get ready for bed?  Clean up what you are doing, shower, dog out, come tell me you’re ready for bed so I can ready to you.  I don’t see where play, fight and make Lego I-Pods are on that list.

#9 Now. We are going to thrive this deployment.  There may be more times when we hit survival mode.  But the goal is that they last less time each time and that there is less time in between them.  The fact that today we did what needed to be done, and got the house to where, even though not perfect, if Chase came home today he’d be impressed, says that we are moving in a good direction.  We’re going to work hard and play hard, making habits that we will continue after Chase comes home so that he can live in a more productive, happier house too.  I am well aware that there will be ups and downs.  I think the highs and lows today give proof to that.  But we learn from the lows, and have fun in the highs.  We will be better next year than we are this year, and this year is better than last year.  (Although, that may not be a fair comparison as last year we were living in temporary lodging and I was wondering if I’d ever have a house and see my stuff again.)