I learned some stuff today.

#1 When baking, if the recipe calls for buttermilk and you are just a couple of tablespoons shy of the needed amount, don’t put some water in the carton to try to get out as much buttermilk as possible.  If the recipe didn’t ask for water, water probably doesn’t need to be added.  Never forget that water and flour make bread dough and paste, that is not the proper consistency for cake.  Duly noted.

#2 Even if you have ruined the dough, go ahead and bake it.  If the cake is horrible, you haven’t wasted anything.  If the cake is edible, then you are in luck.

#3 Make sure you can hear the oven timer.  I’m very thankful that I remembered that I was baking a cake and it probably needed to come out when I did.  The cake was still edible.

#4 Whipped cream icing is super yummy.  However, other than just icing the cake it does not work well for decorating the cake.  It doesn’t hold it shape well.

#5 When you have a really dense cake, berries and syrup pair very well with the cake.  The syrup does a great job of unhardening the cake.

#6 Homemade berries in syrup and homemade whipped cream are an addictive combination.  I think it’s the almond extract I put in the both of them.  I may need to see if it’s somehow related to crack. I just can’t get enough.

My cake tonight will not send Buddy from Cake Boss running for his money.  But I’m going to take an Edisonian view.  I learned what doesn’t work.  Next time will be better for the mistakes made today.  I also learned a couple things that do work.  And that I really do need to look into what is in almond extract.