Today, I got to experience military lock-down.  Before anyone gets excited and wonders what happened, it was a test, it was only a test of the military preparedness system.  I’m actually surprised that I’ve never been through this before.  I lived on base for four of the eight years my husband has been in, and I don’t remember any announcements that we were under lock-down at either base we lived on.  The last base we were at did have lock-downs, but I also avoided doing anything military related while there and wasn’t on base much.  This morning, I even got a warning that something would happen, but as I was uninitiated, I didn’t quite understand the warning.   “There will be exercises on base” didn’t quite lead me to believe that I would be involved.  Maybe it would take a little longer to get on base, maybe a road would be closed.  I was unprepared.  But now I know.  It wasn’t all bad, and was over quickly.  As far as initiations go, I had it easy.

I’m using this deployment to make over myself as well as the house.  Jewelry party for some new accessories.  Jewelry is important in my world, where I really only wear six shirts, four brown and two black.  I know boring, but they look good and they work.  To avoid complete boringness I jazz everything up with accessories.  A vest, scarves, a couple shrugs, and of course jewelry.  While it’s hard to find a shirt with the right color and right fit, it’s easy to find jewelry (especially when you hold a party for yourself with the express purpose of outfitting yourself with more jewelry).  So while I’m wearing the same old clothes, I have put a new spin on my wardrobe.  Then I am girlifying my things.  At a friends party I bought myself a bag for my netbook.  The bag is brown, but with a floral print, and a couple personal accents that totally make it mine.  My initials in pink script and a pink, lacy flower.  I picked it up today, it is perfect.  I love it, it is so girly.  It’s funny that it took me having a girl of my own for me to totally embrace my girly side.  Yeah, I’ve always been into girly things, make-up, clothes, jewelry, pink.  But I’d particularly avoided getting things that were pink, or too girly.  Someone, a long time ago told me that the only reason I like pink was that I thought I was supposed to because I was a girl.  That person had me convinced that I didn’t really like pink, or other girly stuff like glitter and faux fur, that I just thought I did because it was the girl thing to do.  It took shopping for my daughter and saying, you know what, I like pink, and frills, and ribbons and bows, stuff with cool textures and zebra print, and that’s okay.  And now I’m putting my frilly stamp on what is mine.  From a pink flower on my net-book case to a pink I-Phone cover.  And it makes me happy.  I also picked up some make-up I ordered today to round out another aspect of my make-over; properly hydrated skin.  Dry skin, and especially dry lips just aren’t sexy.  All that is left in my make-over plans is my hair.  I plan to get it cut and colored before he comes home for R&R, so that when he sees me, I am the best version of what he remembers.