This year is flying by. It’s starting to feel like spring with bright sunshine. Yeah, there still is more snow than I know what to do with, but sun, actual sunshine in the morning and the evening. I love the sun. I am actually looking forward to not seeing dark, although while we still have some darkness I would like to see the Northern Lights again. According to friends they were spectacular last night and I am hoping for a repeat show tonight (that I can see from my house, the kids are already in bed and I don’t want to get them out of bed to go on a Northern Lights hunt).

Sunday, I made plans for dinner and a movie with a friend this evening. While I’ve been looking forward to it all week, I’ve been either too tired or too busy to prepare the house. And today, I will still rather busy, so the house did not get up to specifications. And I learned something. It didn’t matter. I still have plans to finish the stuff that didn’t get done because I should clean not only for guests but for myself and my family. But it was okay that all the toys weren’t put away (they all would have come back out anyway), the floor in the school room/breakfast room didn’t get vacuumed (kept the baby on the floors that did get vacuumed), and my bed didn’t get made (not that anyone went in there). I’m a perfectionist who can’t manage perfection. I often won’t invite people over because I’m worried that the house isn’t clean and won’t be properly cleaned in time. When I do invite people over I forget to enjoy my family because I am working so hard to get everything done. But as we are keeping control on the big deal stuff (the kitchen, the dining room table, and the bathrooms) all the rest is manageable in a short time. And as shy and scared of people as I am, I need to interact with them. And I like having people over. But because of the mess, the thought went through my head that I had to call off my plans because there wasn’t going to be time to vacuum every floor, pick up every toy, Windex every window and steam clean the couches and chairs. Very glad I didn’t listen to that voice. I had so much fun. We had a great dinner. The kids had the best time playing with friends. They ran off some energy outside. They all loved on the little baby who came over. And we all got to watch How To Train Your Dragon. It was relaxing and just what we needed. Next time I wonder if I’ll have enough time to make my house just so, maybe I’ll remember tonight and remember that perfection isn’t needed.