I love Facebook.  It’s a great way to stay connected with people you don’t see everyday.  Being military we have friends scatter all over the United States and beyond.  Plus our family is all over the place as well.  Now living in Alaska we also have no plans on traveling to the Lower 48 to visit (weddings don’t count because I say so, and Hawaii isn’t part of the Lower 48).  To talk on the phone or write a letter to each individual even on a monthly basis to keep up would take so much time.  But with a click of a button I can share the latest cute thing that my children did, “deep thought”, picture, or snow update with everyone I know.  Not that I think all of my friends are interested in all of my stuff, but it’s out there for the people who are interested.  And I get to see pictures and keep up in general with all my friends.  Without Facebook I would never know that so-and-so just had a baby, or that such-and-such were in a car accident. I love Facebook.

But there is another side to Facebook.  What to do with all those people who you friended at one point, having a relationship or hoping for a relationship that just isn’t there anymore?  When I first got on Facebook, I friended everyone I ever knew.  Honestly, now I don’t friend anyone, I wait for them to friend me.  I know I’m an over-user and don’t want to inflict my constant status-updates, pictures and blog posts on the unsuspecting.  But, still at one point I friended everyone and anyone.  And now I read their posts and I don’t care.  I see they have a new picture album and I think whatever.  Before Facebook, when a relationship fizzled both parties just went on their own way and that was that.  But now you actually have to do something to end it. One person must “unfriend” the other.  So today, after reading a post from a friend begging people to “unfriend” her and realizing that as much as I had hoped for a friendship with her it was never going to happen, I went to my friend’s list and began unfriending.  Not just her, but other people who I haven’t interacted with in a while.  Too late I realized that maybe I was being a little one-sided.  I only cut people who haven’t had any interaction with me in a while.  But as I looked at a few other people who I kept I realized, that while I never posted on their wall, I did read their posts religiously.  I just never had anything to say.  Did I prematurely cut off a relationship where someone was interested in what happens in my life even if they don’t write anything?  So now I’m wondering if I did the wrong thing. 

But it’s a gorgeous day outside.  It may be cold, but I’m wearing a flower necklace to remind me that spring is on its way.  And I have fun plans this afternoon.  I’m going with a friend to see the Lorax, plans that we made on Facebook (I do love Facebook).  I don’t need to obsess over my friends list when I have a great day to live.