I hope turquoise counts as green because it was the closest thing I was wearing.  It worked for me and warded off pinching from my children.  I just don’t own much green.

Went to another FRG meeting today.  I feel for our new leader, only three adults showed up, my children did double the attendance though.  So glad it’s not my job, getting the FRG back together will be an uphill battle.

Got Clara some girlie Legos.  I just couldn’t resist.  They are so cool.  I’m now addicted and want to go buy all the purple Lego sets.  I’m thinking about asking Santa to bring the house for the two of us to build. And she was so cute playing with the car, person and dog.  She really got into the role-playing.  No other toy has brought that out in her.  Not her doll house, not her Barbies, not her dollies and stuffed animals.  She plays with them all, but they never interacted and talked the way the person and the dog did today.  I love watching my children grow.

I also got Xavier the Ten Commandments.  I still can’t believe how much he will watch that movie.  At his age I remember it always being on every Easter, but I was never able to stay with the whole thing.  My attention span just didn’t last 5 hours.  He can’t get enough of the movie.  Watching I thought about how so much of Jewish culture is about remembering and telling stories.  Then I thought about today being St. Patrick’s Day, and how Catholics use festivals and rituals as reminders of the miracles God has done.  I understand why the churches I go to don’t do all those things, for fear of worshiping the ritual instead of God.  But as a parent I believe it’s important to pass heritage and tradition down to my children.  It’s important to teach them of God’s story and what He has done.  While I get the importance, I’m also very bad at the follow through.  I need to start developing family rituals, but I don’t really know where to start.