My Netbook is undergoing a virus scan.  Which is a good thing, but it is taking forever.  So instead of writing from the comfort of my bed, I’m stuck at my desk.  Bleh.  Now that I’ve whined about something that really isn’t worth whining over, I can move on.

Today, I actually got a lot done.  I wasn’t sure what would get done today when I woke up and realized that earlier in the morning I had turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze and instead of sleeping in for ten more minutes, I slept for two more hours.  The lovely thing about my life is, that’s okay (most days, if it were to happen tomorrow that I didn’t wake up until 9, we’d be in big trouble.  BIG trouble).  Xavier can get breakfast for himself and any little people who wake up earlier than I do, and in general I have nowhere to be.  But I had high hopes for today.  After our relaxing week last week, and our house getting super clean on Friday, I was ready to hit the ground running.  At least I thought I was.  I was a little bit worried that not getting up early would get me off on the wrong foot and it would be hard to do all we needed to do.  However, instead of writing off the day, I just got started.

Took the kids to the library.  Found out that we didn’t need to be there for the drawing, and that we needed to have our paperwork filled out by Friday to enter the drawing though.  There was a book reading challenge over spring break and the prize was a beta, but all participants got coupons for a free fish (feeder fish) from PetSmart.  The librarians took pity on my children though and let us submit our entry.  Yay for nice librarians!

Then went to McDonalds.  While there I found out some interesting news.  Peyton Manning will be playing for the Broncos.  Xavier didn’t want to talk about it, he’s very upset that Manning didn’t choose his favorite team, the Titans.  And I think he could have received no worse news than Manning was playing for the Broncos.  The Broncos are my favorite team, and he is asserting his independence by rooting against the Broncos at every opportunity he gets.  Which translates to every game except when they play the Raiders, because I have told him if he roots for the Raiders he may not be able to sleep in my house.  So I had to call my dad.  I had to talk to someone about this life-altering news.

Then shopping.  We went to the PX, where I picked up some new school books for the kids.  I have found it doesn’t work to do regular work at PWOC, but they still need something to do.  Hopefully, what I picked up today will be just the thing.  Especially as I went overboard and picked up about seven books.  But the kids were excited about them too, and it’s hard to not get excited when the kids are excited about possible school work.  I mean, they were excited about learning, let’s go all out here.

Got home, put the groceries and the new school books away, and looked at the clock.  How would we ever get any decent amount of school work done before dinner?  But instead of giving up, we hit the books.  Yes, dinner was a little late.  But all the school work got done.  The kids learned some things, and it was a good day.

And now, it’s not yet midnight.  I have baked cookies, make a cake (that will be frosted in the morning as it needs to cool), and made chocolate covered strawberries.  Slides are ready for worship, copies of the lyrics are printed off, and I have practiced the songs until I can’t get them out of my head.  I have also worked on getting my Netbook more usable (added I-Tunes and upgraded anti-virus software).  I have been more productive than I could have imagined.  I guess it teaches me a lesson, never let discouragement that things aren’t going perfectly get in the way of getting things done.  Don’t ever give up.

I almost forgot the best part of today.  I got to talk with Chase.  Yep, totally great day.