So I started writing because I was moving to Alaska, and thought living in Alaska would be interesting enough to write about.  It is, but I also realize that I have been leaving Alaska out of a lot of my posts.  I will say part of the problem is that having been here a year, here is now normal.  I do a double take when talking to my dad and other friends about gardening.  Yes, I’m planning my garden, but with two feel of snow covering my gardens it will be a while before anything gets planted outdoors.  You mean you can actually see the ground where you are at?  What, not everyone get 15 minutes of extra sunlight a week?  Doesn’t everyone see eagles and moose regularly?  Of course it’s warming up, it only rarely dips below zero lately and most days gets at least close to freezing.  And earthquakes, isn’t a little shaking normal?

We’ve had two earthquakes in the last week (close by and big enough to feel, there seem to be constant earthquakes throughout Alaska).  3.8 the other night and 3.9 today.  The one the other night was really odd.  It was just one wave.  Most quakes have been shaking, but this one was just one shudder, and I could sense it move across the house.  Both have been very close as well.  I’m not worried, this is normal.  But I do have earthquake insurance just in case.

We also spotted proof that moose frequent our yard.  Tracks and scat from two moose.

Instead of thinking about spring, I’m thinking about Break Up.  When will the world go from blue and white, to soggy brown and grey?  And while I don’t look forward to the grey, brown and soggy couple of weeks, I am looking forward to the eventual transition to green and lush.  I even bought all three kids rain boots for break up this year.  Now they can go out and play in all the puddles without getting wet feet.

And all this seems normal to me.  Wonderful, awe-inspiring, but normal.  And I’m loving every minute of it.