The school year’s end is quickly approaching.  And with that the end of the PWOC year.  Which means it’s time to determine who the board members will be for next year.  As I did last year I prayed about it.  This year however, no poking, no tugging, no wondering if maybe I should be applying.  But it did take months for me to see that I was supposed to be involved in PWOC leadership this year, maybe I’m just behind on the listening curve, so I’ve continued praying about my involvement next year.  The answer, I won’t have the time.  I was elated to get this answer, a definite pass from responsibility.  I can say no with no hesitation or guilt.  Not that I don’t want to be involved next year.  I really enjoy PWOC.  It’s the whole leadership responsibility thing that scares me.  But the answer “I won’t have the time.”  Never even thought about it.  Even though I have no plans for the upcoming year, and with FRG off my plate, I will actually have less responsibility than I did this year.  Maybe I should have been wondering what I’d be doing that I wouldn’t have the time for PWOC.

With Chase gone, I’ve started feeling this hole that needs filling.  I don’t do much other than my children.  I love them, don’t want to trade them in for anything.  But I also don’t want them to be my whole identity.  I need something that is me.  So I’ve been praying and wondering, what can I do?  I need to be more careful what I ask for.

I stated a Bible study at my church recently.  This week was the first week we’ve been doing homework.  As I’ve read the homework and contemplated what the author has been saying, I’ve thought to myself, how is she putting all this together?  And the occasional, where is she getting this from?  She’s seeing things that I’ve never seen while reading the Bible and some that I’m not sure I still see.  However, I know that there is church tradition and other non-biblical sources from the time that might concur with her conclusions.  (Disclaimer, she’s not saying anything doctrinally unsound, if fact there are many things I’ve learned from her in this time.  It’s just some details that make me go hmmmm.  Like in first Corinthians where Paul says Jesus appeared to Peter, I always thought that in context of the general meetings we know of in Acts, and you know that He hung out with all of His disciples after the resurrection.  The author sees it as a private personal encounter that Peter needed to have to reconcile after Peter denied Christ, which I always saw the “Feed My sheep” talk to be.  Anyway, not a huge deal, no problems theologically.  But where does she get her supporting information?)   And while once upon a time, I did study those sources and look into all of that, it was all for school.  I’ve never tried to dive into all that on my own.  It would take too much time.  (hmmm, time, hmmm)

Last semester at PWOC, I taught a class on the inductive Bible study method.  I’ll admit, the class started to unravel.  I pray that all the women got something out of it, if nothing else the desire to study the Bible on their own.  I did get that desire and have started using the inductive method to do some Bible study.

So today, as I’m finishing this weeks homework, I start thinking, I could do the study to answer all the questions I have.  I have the tools from the inductive study method.  I have access to multiple libraries and the internet.  I could actually do this.  Maybe not the same book this Bible study is on.  But I could do this.  And then it all ties itself into a pretty little bow.  I’m supposed to do some serious Bible study.  For what I don’t yet know.  Am I to teach a class?  Write a book?  I know it’s not all for me.  God doesn’t work that way.  I have an idea what I might be supposed to be studying, but am not yet sure.  I’m happy to entertain any ideas that you might have.