I love having good friends. You know the ones you can just drop in on any time and hang with you all day.  The ones who will tell you straight up when it’s not a good day, but then work to find a better day so that you can hang out.  We may have been trying since Tuesday, but we did finally get together today, and I had a fun day with an adult.  I love my kids, but it’s nice to have someone to talk grown up talk to.  Okay, we didn’t to a lot of serious talking.  But letting my kids play with her child and just sitting watching Jerseylicious was just what I needed.

Beyond that I don’t have much to say.  Except that after day not being in my house surrounded by all the stuff I need to do, I am now ready to get it done.  Bring on tomorrow.  I am ready.  Ready for cleaning and errands. But first a good night’s rest.