It’s April Fool’s Day, so I briefly thought about writing a fake post.  Inventing a wild bear adventure, or something.  But I’ve never been much of an April fooler.  The closest I got was telling my friends that I would probably be moving for my senior year of high school.  The punch line, I actually did move.  I’ll admit on April Fool’s Day, I wasn’t yet sure we’d be moving, I was mostly trying to attract attention.  I did have a gut feeling that my dad would get the job all the way across the country though.

Today also happens to be Palm Sunday, a much more important holiday to me.  One for which I’m glad our church does something with the kids because as usual I don’t have any ideas.  We did discuss Palm Sunday over lunch, does that count as doing something?

Today was a nursery day for me.  We had babies.  Actual little babies.  Not the sitting up, nearly walking little people I’m used to in there.  Little, teenie, tiny infants.  One of whom was actually awake.  Not a good thing for this woman who has discovered that the biological clock is real and doesn’t care if you already have three.  Even as she was screaming in my ear I was thinking I could do this one more time.

Although the three I have have successfully wore me out today.  Literally, it’s only half past five and my eyes are closing as I type.  We went for another Sunday afternoon walk.  As I got a jacket I told the kids we were not going on the short walk we usually take.  We needed a longer walk today.  As we got started I told them we were not taking our usual route, Xavier the leader had to go a different way.  When we passed the street we usually turn on and Xavier turned us around, I told him we were not taking our usual route because I wanted a bit longer of a walk.  When Xavier began to take the next turn on our usual walk, I asked if where he was going.  Back up the street and home, our usual route.  I need to talk to his teacher about working on listening skills more.  So on the corner Xavier had to make a decision, where was he going to lead that would not be our usual route?  He came up with a new route that was over a mile and a half.  No problem for him, Austin and I, but Clara quickly decided he couldn’t hang.  So for half the walk I carried an extra 35 pounds, that half including the big hill.  It’s almost motivation to work out and try to lose that much weight thinking about the difference she makes.  Almost motivation.  Right now I’m gonna stick with just taking family walks.  My current level of tiredness makes me glad it’s Sunday, early bed times for the little people so I can watch The Apprentice.