Ummmmm.  I don’t have much to say right now.  Why is that?

I’ve probably said it before.  I love my friend Julie.  I drive over to her house on random afternoons and she opens the door, welcomes me and my three children in to disrupt her whole day.  Other people may be on their way over, it’s all good.  When I come over, it’s assumed I’ll stay for dinner, and we more than double the size of her family.  She also always let my son borrow her husband so that the two of them can play Halo and get some male bonding time.  I want to yell and scream and shout that she isn’t allowed to move because I’ll be lost without her.

I love Alaska.  Saw a moose yesterday at the chapel.  Lets say that it was the closest I ever want to come to a moose.  I never felt we weren’t safe, mostly because she was far enough away and I was close enough to my car for me to get into safety if she turned my way.  The days are getting longer, and while I find it odd that the sun is setting later and later and I know it’s odd that there will come days that I never experience true dark.  But I’m okay with that right now, I love my friend the sun, and knowing that another December looms in my future, I’m soaking up his rays as much as possible.  I am actually looking forward to the odd days of no darkness.  And I’m sure by the end of July December’s darkness won’t seem quite as unbearable as I’ll have OD’d on sun by then.  No more snow on the streets, but street markings have been erased so driving is interesting at times.  The snow gone also means that drivers can break loose on the highway, I’m getting why Alaska drivers speed so much in the summer.  After a winter of being careful and dealing with snow, the road seems wide open and safe.

Then there’s the stuff not meant for this blog.  Political stuff, like the crazy election yesterday.  18 polling places ran out of ballots, so I expect to be hearing more from the mayoral runner-up, I’m not looking forward to that.  And there are the stories that aren’t mine to share, or this isn’t the forum to discuss because I get that there is a time and a place for different stuff.