So I think one thing that is being lost in modern culture is treating women like ladies.  And especially teaching young women to treat themselves like ladies.  Recently it has hit me that I might just be a hypocrite on this point.  Am I treating myself like a lady?

Take my house.  Would I be okay having Queen Elizabeth over for dinner, and watching a movie in my living room?  Would I let her sleep in my bedroom as I have been taking care of it?  My bedroom is generally the least cleaned room of the house.  Mostly because it’s the last one guests will come into.  The downstairs is cleaned regularly, not enough, but regularly.  The kid’s rooms and guest room will made to be spic and span (as long as you don’t look under beds and in closets).  But my room, there exists a lovely layer of dust over everything.  And on my bed, where I put myself to sleep is a huge pile of laundry needing to be folded.  I clean two of the bathrooms, or have a child clean, two of the bathrooms in this house weekly.  But my bathroom…it gets regular Clorox tabs in the toilet and I do the whole after shower spray after each time the shower is used, but not much else other than that.  I would never let Queen Elizabeth see that bathroom, much less have her prepare her daily toilet in there.

Speaking of a daily toilet, that’s another area where I could do better.  I know that my super dry skin would profit by moisturizing daily, but lotion only happens when my skin is so dry it hurts.

Today, I also realized that if I’m going to treat myself like a lady, I need to be aware of what I am watching and reading.  I should only subject myself to that which is lady-like.

This goes for food as well.  A lady would eat food that tastes good and is healthy.

This year New Year’s resolutions didn’t go very well.  Deployment stress had me going from super high expectations, to über low expectations.  I think I’m finally at a point where I can think more clearly.  So I’m making a birthday resolution.  Over the next year I am going to work to treat myself like a lady.  My house will more reflect that a lady lives here.  Especially those spaces that are particularly mine.  I will dress myself like a lady.  I will conduct my affairs as if I am a lady.  I will eat like a lady and take care of myself like a lady.  I’ve already started.  My bathroom I clean and smells like lavender.  I am getting rid of some books and movies.

As a parent a side benefit I’m hoping for is that my sons will learn how women should be treated and my daughter will learn to treat herself like a lady as well.