So last night I came to the conclusion that I’m always right.  Or at least that’s what my actions and behaviors show of myself.  According to me I am never wrong.  The truth is, that isn’t at all true.  I am a very fallible person.  But rarely do I act like I could be a fallible person.  I act as if any difference in opinion is a failing of the other person.  The sad thing here, I have been known to accuse others of that very failing.

I must give props to my husband for putting up with me all these years.  He has probably suffered the most from these prideful thoughts.  God forbid he ever find fault with me or disagree with anything I’ve ever said or done.  He is an amazing person who has not become beaten down or become bitter or stopped listening to me through all these years.

He’s not the only person who has fallen victim to my superiorly right complex over these years.  So to the world I now apologize.  I’m sorry to all of you I have arrogantly not listened to.  I’m sorry to the people for whom I have run right over their ideas and opinions.  I will say that a few of you may have had more of an effect than you ever realized.  There are some people whom I originally dismissed off-hand, but their words have haunted me for long, and some have even caused me to make major changes.  And now I promise to actually listen, to not just hear and dismiss because I have my own theory or idea.  I will be a more teachable person because I’m not always right.

However, while I’m not always right, I do know the One who is alway right.  While I may be fallible, I know His Word is not.  So while I will be more open to new ways of looking at life, doing things, whatever, I will continue to refuse to entertain ideas that are contrary to His Word.  In fact, this lesson has taught me that I need to look harder into His Word for the Truth, and to cling to that Truth as I become more intimately aware of it.