Dear Cal Worthington Ford,

You have had my car for a week.  It is now high time that you at least give me a diagnosis for what is wrong and what it will cost to fix.  I understand that it takes three hours to determine an electrical issue.  But three hours should not take seven days.  Tomorrow will be the week-aversary of me giving my car into your hands to fix.  It also happens to be the day that you have a local radio show.  I would highly recommend that you make me to busy picking up my car, or already having my car and running errands, to be able to call in.  Because as it is, my schedule is clear, other than grocery shopping, and I can make sure that at 12:30 I will be by my radio and my phone.  Walking to the grocery store can wait until 1.

I’m getting really frustrated here.  I called a week and a half ago to ask about the problem.  You told me to come in a week ago.  If things at your shop are first come first serve, why did you make me wait to bring in my car? I would have been happy to have been a half week up higher on the list.  If we did have an appointment, why did it take until today to get a technician to even look at my vehicle?  I feel like you don’t respect me or my time.  I understand that you are professionals and your time is worth money. That is why I’m willing to pay over$300 just for you to tell me what is wrong.  But at this point do you understand that my time is also worth money?  What do you think a week worth of walking and putting off anything that can’t be walked to is worth to me?  It’s that time of year to take my kids in for yearly physicals and dental visits, but I can’t make an appointment until you give me my car back.  Heaven forbid something happen to one of my kids.  We’ll be scrambling to get to a doctor appointment or the emergency room.  I know we could rent a car right now, but I’m already figuring to be paying you out the wazoo to fix my car. Are you going to give me a discount so that I can go get a rental?  I have friends I’d like to visit and exercise with.  I have shopping for a birthday party to get done.  I have a life.  And while a week without a car has been an interesting experiment.  I’m ready for my car back.  Now.

I was excited to hear from you today at 8:30, but then you told me the technician only did one hour of work and you were just calling to get authorization for the other two hours.  I was told over the phone it would be three hours for the diagnosis, and you even told me as I dropped off the car, it was an electrical issue, it would be three hours.  Yes, I get it, I will owe you a ton of money and you won’t even have fixed the problem.  Do what you have to do, I need my car.  But I took a big-girl breath and told myself at least the car is being looked at.  I figured you would call in two hours letting me know what was up with my car.  I’m quite aggravated that you didn’t call me back.  I thought about calling you back later in the day, but I decided to save all my ire for your show tomorrow.  (Seriously, make sure I’m busy.)

Look, I’m the mother of three and my husband is deployed.  I don’t need aggravation from you.  I need you to treat me like you’d like your wife to be treated if you were deployed.  Yesterday, you were apologetic that you hadn’t seen my car, so we were good.  Today, you annoyed me greatly.  No apology, and while you acted as if we were moving along, I really don’t feel as if we got any further.

But hey, if my phone call tomorrow doesn’t light a fire under your behind.  I know how to get stuff done.  I’ll do what I did when I was FRG leader and I needing something from the commanding officer.  I’ll hitch a ride down to your office and bring my three little children to hang in your workplace all day long.  You have cable so my kids will be happy.  You also have doughnuts, popcorn, and sodas.  We can make ourselves right at home and in your face if we have to.