Early this morning I got the call I’ve been waiting for.  The dealership could at least tell me what is wrong with my car.  They fixed my signal lights.  Yay!  My car is street legal again.  They determined what was wrong with my fuel gauge, and it would cost $600 extra to fix.  And I’m quite sure more time.  The speedometer, odometer, trip meter-thingamajig needs to be replaces.  However, Ford does not make that particular part, so there isn’t much they can do for me there.  I was tired, frustrated and really just wanted my car back; I told them to send me a car, I wanted to pick mine up.  When at the time of Car Talk on the radio my ride had still not appeared, I called into the show.  Why I persist in calling talk shows, I know not.  I figure I just managed to make myself sound like a fool.  At least Anchorage is a small market, so the number of people listening to the show was limited.  The good side was that the technician heard me on the radio and did manage to come out and talk to me about the options I had for fixing the speedometer-part-thingy.  I’m not overly sure how I feel about the whole deal.  I feel like I spent a lot of money to accomplish very little.  I feel silly for even having bothered.  But when I’m wanting to change lanes on the highway and my signal indicates my desire to the other drivers and they let me over, I know deep down it really was worth it.  But then I think of the other problems and I think that someone who isn’t me (my husband in particular, but just about anyone in general) would have got things taken care of quicker, cheaper, and/or more thoroughly.

While in the realm of completely over-my-head car world, I decided to check out a Honda Odyssey for sale at a nearby dealership.  I fell in love with the car, but I don’t know exactly how fruitful that trip was.  The unsavy negotiator I am may have let on that I really like the van and I’m okay with the price of it, barring any chance of a deal I might ever get.  I didn’t learn anything I couldn’t learn from the website, and just reminded myself that it’s so nice driving a car that my children fit into and sits up off the ground (especially in the rain we had today).

For the kids amazingly good behavior all day I took them to McDonald’s for dinner.  While there, Xavier came up with the bright idea to go to the theater.  Child convinced me to go see the Avengers.  (Okay, it didn’t take much convincing.  I’m a pushover).  It was a good movie, at least what I saw of it.  I have found the trick to getting Clara to use the potty.  Watch a movie I’m into and she isn’t.  No accidents will be had during that time.  We went to the bathroom three times, and I think her bladder knew when it would be most aggravating to me to have to leave the movie.  I will say that I felt like the movie began in the middle.  I guess I need to catch up on all my Marvel superhero movies.  I’m sure my boys would be happy to watch Thor and The Hulk with me.  And where do I got for back story on the Hawk and the Black Widow?  I’m also trying to figure out Fury.  I will say that there was a lot going on.  To try to completely make sense of the movie I will need to watch it again.  Although my superhero ignorance and trips to the bathroom may have factored in my inability to keep up.